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Test data provisioning and management

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Optimize tests without compromising on data privacy or compliance

Where manual masking processes brought the risk of errors and delays, we provision realistic, de-identified test data at speed and scale. Your developers gain timely access to complex test data in its original format, without exposing sensitive or identifiable information — so they can reach deployment faster and deliver new applications and code more frequently.

Test with realistic data

Ensure tests accurately reflect how applications will behave in production with a comprehensive range of privacy techniques to preserve your data’s original format.

Get consistent output

Preserve referential integrity with consistent data masking — so you can be sure that every occurrence of an input value produces the same masked output.

Automation shortens your tests

Reduce the length of tests and release cycles by replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual scripts with automated data provisioning and reusable, scalable policies.

Data protection that work for your tests

Eliminate the risk of exposing sensitive data by matching its intended use with appropriate protections in the right environments.

Modern Data Provisioning Platform

What is Modern Data Provisioning?

In modern data provisioning, privacy and accountability are built into the provisioning process directly to optimize efficiency and accelerate access to data.

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