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Insider Threat Prevention

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Protect data from misuse without blocking responsible use

Using our data security and privacy solutions, your teams can expose sensitive information to users and applications without breaching regulations or jeopardizing customer trust. With a unique combination of access controls, data protection and lineage capabilities, Privitar can provision the data you need to achieve your goals, without exposing it to the risk of insider threats.

Keep sensitive information private

Minimize the risk of exposing sensitive information with data-centric privacy controls, including dynamic and static data masking, tokenization, encryption, and generalization.

Give users access for the right reasons

Multiple access controls models, with a full range of contextual attributes, ensure users only see data that’s appropriate for responsible use.

Prevent data’s misuse

Deter insider threats with digital watermarks that record the provenance and authorized purpose of every provisioned dataset.

Accelerate audits and compliance responses

Respond quickly and with confidence whenever data use comes into question, with lineage metadata integrated to third-party data governance and audit tools.

Modern Data Provisioning Platform

What is Modern Data Provisioning?

In modern data provisioning, privacy and accountability are built into the provisioning process directly to optimize efficiency and accelerate access to data.

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