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Cloud migration and access

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Address privacy challenges to leverage the full potential of the cloud

We streamline data provisioning processes to accelerate responsible data use in the cloud, cutting time to value. With automated data protection and governance capabilities built in, you can take full advantage of the cloud’s unprecedented scalability and use powerful cloud analytics and machine learning solutions without compromising on utility, compliance, or privacy.

Comply with ease, in every environment

Privitar policies enforce controls consistently across all cloud environments at massive scale. Users can manage data privacy regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Data privacy for the cloud

We support cloud data privacy best practices from ingestion to distribution and downstream use, including de-identified data lake, warehouse, fabric, and mesh architectures.

Protected data that’s ready for use

Multiple access control models and a comprehensive range of privacy techniques enable you to provision protected data fit for specific use cases.

Prevent data’s misuse

Deter insider threats and accelerate forensic investigations with digital watermarks and lineage metadata that integrates to third-party audit and reporting tools.

Modern Data Provisioning Platform

What is Modern Data Provisioning?

In modern data provisioning, privacy and accountability are built into the provisioning process directly to optimize efficiency and accelerate access to data.

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