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See your data clearly but can’t get your hands on it?

Streamline your data’s last mile with policy enforcement and approval workflows. Make your last mile the smoothest mile.

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Industry leaders choose Privitar

Did you know that 60% of organizations are unintentionally neglecting valuable data? They might have collected and organized it, storing it neatly in a data catalog, governance or virtualization tool. However, here’s the problem: only 16% can actually access this data whenever they need it. Much like the final stretch of a supply chain or delivery service, data management’s “last mile” – policy enforcement and approval workflows – is slow and demands significant resources. The result? Laborious approval processes, missed opportunities, unnecessary risk and unhappy data consumers.

Tackling policy enforcement to protect data that scales

Data policy enforcements utilize knowledge of data compliance regulations and contextual attributes, and conditional logic to map controls for every use case, even as your organization scales. The policies capture context from data, metadata, and other systems, enabling the application of appropriate controls based on attributes and conditions.

  • Centralized Enforcement: centralized policy creation and enforcement across diverse environments. By applying policies close to the data’s location, consistency, security, and performance are ensured.
  • Automated Enforcement: automatically enforce the right controls for your organization, allowing for the secure provisioning of data at speed and scale.
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Accelerate time to data access with policy-driven access controls

Only a comprehensive range of controls preserve the business value of data while minimizing the risk of exposing identifiable attributes.

  • Fine-Grained Controls: Target rows, columns, or individual cells for precise data protection.
  • Access Controls: Support attribute-based (ABAC), purpose-based (PBAC), and role-based (RBAC) access controls to filter data based on assigned attributes.
  • Transformations with PETs: Use industry leading privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to make data safe for any data use case.
  • Data Exchange: Use Privitar’s intuitive data exchange UI or comprehensive APIs to build data shopping experiences around the needs of your users.
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Governance, Meet Enforcement

Governance, Meet Enforcement

Most organizations have invested in data catalogs to help data consumers locate and understand the data available to them. They make it easier to navigate what data you have and how it should be used, but lack the tools to apply case-by-case data protections at speed and scale.

Download Governance, Meet Enforcement to hear how enterprises like HSBC are building a framework of people, processes and technology to complement their data catalogs, and in doing so, accessing data in minutes instead of months.

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Self-Service and Privacy-Safe Access to Data

Organizations need timely access to data to gain accurate insights and drive competitive data initiatives, with many adopting a data marketplace model. In this webinar, the Privitar team discuss how to:

  • Define, enforce, and maintain policies
  • Explore, evaluate, and access data without friction or delay
  • Make data available without compromising compliance
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On-Demand Webinar

Why Data Catalogs and Governance Tooling Don’t Work

Tim Gasper, VP of Product at joined us to discuss:

  • Scaling as data changes
  • The myths of data catlogs and governance platforms
  • Why data catalog and governance tooling and frameworks sometimes fall short and how to remedy this
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