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Judy Selby – Co-Lead Privacy Advisory Group

Judy Selby
Co-Lead Privacy Advisory Group

As co-lead of the Privacy Advisory Group, Judy provides strategic advice on privacy compliance and best practices to companies and corporate boards across industry verticals. She also advises companies on insurance coverage for emerging cyber, privacy, and technology risks.

In addition to her law degree, Judy has completed advanced courses in finance with Harvard Business School HBX, and Big Data, Crisis Management/Business Continuity, Cyber Security and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professional Education, and Cloud Computing with the IEEE. She has been an invited speaker at prestigious events around the world concerning cyber, privacy, and cyber insurance issues and is frequently quoted in leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Reuters, and Business Insurance.

Judy has authored the eBooks A Closer Look at Cyber Insurance, Demystifying Cyber Insurance, and Big Data for Business Leaders.

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