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Jean-Marc Patouillaud – Board Director


Jean-Marc Patouillaud
Board Director

Jean-Marc is one of the two managing partners of Partech. He joined in 1996.

Prior to joining Partech, Jean-Marc was a partner at Finovelec, a Paris based venture capital firm, and managed Genèse Investissements, the first French seed capital fund. He started his career as an engineer with Cegelec and worked in the Nuclear Power Plant division.

Jean-Marc currently serves on the board of Acco, Alltricks, Dayuse, HappyTal, Novasparks, Sensee and Sigfox.

He has a long track record of successful exits including IPOs with Lannet (GIAN), RadVision (RVSN), ALLOT (ALLT), Buongiorno (BGN.MI), and Alvarion (ALVR) and trade sales with Fluxus (acq. by British Telecom), Digitick (acq. by Vivendi), ISDNet (acq. by Cable and Wireless), Jungo (acq. by NTS), Jobpartners (acq. by ORCL), Apogee (acq. by Colt) and LaFourchette (acq by TRIP).

Jean-Marc has been a director of Teads for the last 24 months prior to the acquisition by Altice (AMS: ATC). This was a critical time for the multi-continental expansion and the definition of the company value proposition.

He holds an MBA from HEC and an MS in Engineering from SUPELEC both in Paris-Saclay.

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