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Jason Perkins – Head of Data & Analytics Architecture BT

Jason Perkins
Head of Data & Analytics Architecture BT

Jason is the Head of Data and Analytics for Architecture and Technology Strategy at BT; the UK biggest fixed, mobile & content communication service provider.

He has spent over 15 years working on some of the world largest data transformations, from making BT a more insight driven organisation to deliver brilliant customer experiences, enabling a fact-based culture for improving patient outcomes through a National Health Service information (SUS) transformation and encouraging data democracy delivering an Office for National Statistics (WDA) open data service.

Jason is a passionate advocate of the transformational potential of data for individuals, business and society. He is a respected industry data thought leader (DataIQ 100) and an international data lecturer having presented at Gartner, IDC, European Business Intelligence Conferences, Enterprise Data World (US) & Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI).

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