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Jason McFall – Chief Technology Officer

Jason McFall

Jason McFall
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Jason is responsible for Privitar’s research agenda, technology strategy and product development. He has spent over a decade leading teams building enterprise software to record, analyse and act in real-time upon large and complex sets of customer data. Before Privitar, Jason led the machine learning team at Touch Clarity, an online behavioural targeting company acquired by Omniture, and then was CTO of Causata, a real-time customer analytics and marketing technology company subsequently acquired by NICE systems.

Jason’s early career was in particle physics, including research at Stanford University into the fine differences between matter and antimatter. He specialised in detector triggering systems, leading edge electronics and software systems that process huge volumes of data in real time to identify rare particle collisions for further analysis.

Jason holds a first-class degree in Physics from Imperial College, London and a doctorate in Particle Physics from Oxford University.

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