Healthcare Data Privacy

Use patient and clinical data safely to improve the patient experience, lower the cost of care, and discover new interventions and treatments

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A Comprehensive Personal Data Privacy Platform

Privitar delivers a comprehensive personal data privacy platform that allows leading healthcare organizations to use patient and clinical data safely to improve the patient experience, lower the cost of care, and discover new interventions and treatments.

The Importance of Data is Undisputed

The importance of data in the healthcare setting is well understood. The revelations that can come about as scientists understand clinical data on a larger scale is staggering. Getting access to this data is not so easy though. With strict regulations around how Protected Health Information (PHI) can be shared, it is difficult if not impossible to get the most out of the data we are collecting.

Patients are Demanding Protections

Patient information is being compromised at an alarming rate, and it’s happening across the care continuum. Major data breaches can be attributed to every part of the healthcare system now as practices, hospitals, pharmacies, CROs and insurers have all been the victims of both internal and external nefarious actors. These breaches have left patients vulnerable and demanding protections as each exposure costs them time and money.

Unlock the Power of Siloed, Sensitive Data

Download our case study to find out how Privitar helps NHS Digital improve healthcare, protect patient privacy, support a tenfold data increase and expand its services with our data privacy management and de-identification solutions.

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Building Data Privacy Into Healthcare

The data that is derived from the healthcare system is responsible for powering a wide variety of incredibly important initiatives including:

  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Drug Development
  • Population Health
  • Management
  • 3rd Party Health Data
  • Sharing

That is why it is critical for leading organizations to develop methods for leveraging and sharing data effectively across a broader range of healthcare professionals.

Privitar Enables Healthcare Organizations

Privitar delivers uncompromised data utility with a configurable, automated method to minimize the risk of data misuse, empowering healthcare organizations to more effectively analyze and share insights from their data-gathering efforts.

  • Rich de-Identification
  • Controlled dataset enrichment and linkability
  • Centralized policy management
  • Traceability
  • Auditing capabilities

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