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Security and privacy for Healthcare

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Privitar protects and delivers sensitive data faster for responsible data science and analytics use cases. We help healthcare organizations realize goals to improve the patient experience, lower the cost of care, and discover new interventions and treatments at scale, at speed, and scale.

The Data Security Platform for Healthcare

Comprehensive data security and privacy controls

Privitar supports RBAC, ABAC, and PBAC, providing conditional access to determine “who sees what data, when, and where they can use it.” Use our advanced set of privacy techniques in any combination to tune data resolution for each analysis and transform sensitive data into safe data. Privitar supports compliance and auditing by recording the provenance of protected data with our patented technology.

Dynamic and static data consumption models

Privitar uniquely protects sensitive data on copy and on query. Privitar extends data security and privacy controls across multiple consumption patterns to protect data whether it is pulled directly from a database via SQL queries or pushed into analytical datasets via ETL/ELT.

Lineage and auditing

Support compliance and auditing by recording the provenance of protected data. Privitar watermarks is a patented digital watermarking technology that enables authorized users to determine the origin, lineage, and intended purpose of every data asset. Privitar provides metadata on each data asset for use with third-party data governance and audit tools.

Safe pooling multiparty data

Linking diverse datasets enriches data and can lead to breakthrough insights. Privitar allows you to only share the data that’s essential for your objective by applying targeted de-identification to maintain data utility, applying contextual protections that will maintain data utility without compromising data privacy.

Automation at speed and scale

Privitar’s design accelerates the provisioning of protected data at scale — decreasing time-to-data and enabling compliance with laws like HIPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA. Centrally define privacy policies and cascade systematically using metadata from Privitar and other data pipeline systems.


Expanding data use in healthcare with a privacy-first approach

Data privacy is an integral part of data management for healthcare providers. Find out how to maximize the safe use of sensitive data in our datasheet.

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Gut Reaction

Gut Reaction, part of the NIHR BioResource, is a unique, secure data resource designed to facilitate academic and industry research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Gut Reaction brings together patient data from the IBD BioResource cohort with a patient’s clinical records and makes it available to researchers on a much broader scale than ever before. Patient trust and privacy is critical to Gut Reaction’s success. Privitar allows Gut Reaction to easily, readily, and repeatedly de-identify data so they can maintain privacy and still allow access for research.



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Why Privitar

With Privitar, we embed privacy and security in data movement to dramatically reduce time to data access. Using contextual privacy policies to responsibly provision data to the innovation teams who need it, Privitar does not compromise on utility, risk, compliance, or customer trust.


more data available for advanced analytics initiatives and decrease


faster time to data access for your data science and analytics teams

Our data security and privacy platform can provide organizations like yours context-aware control access so you can use more of your sensitive data responsibly to accelerate innovation initiatives.

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