Data Privacy in the Cloud

Safely Utilize Sensitive Data in Order to Make Better Decisions at the Speed of Business

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Cloud Data Privacy is Essential

As enterprises evolve to become data-driven organizations, they are transitioning from simply collecting and storing data to democratizing data use to drive better decision making organization-wide. With the realization that some of their most valuable data includes sensitive personal information, data leaders know this is only possible with a scalable service that seamlessly integrates cloud data privacy.

Cloud Data Privacy 101

Key Considerations to Keeping Sensitive Data Safe and Usable in the Cloud

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Optimizing Data Utility Requires Context-Aware Cloud Data Privacy Protections

To simultaneously optimize utility and privacy, the data your teams need must be prepared for use by a platform that has the flexibility to protect data in a multitude of ways based on the usage context. For each data request you’ll need to apply the right privacy protections, based on:

  • What data will be used
  • Who will be allowed access to that data
  • What is the purpose of their access
  • What tools and technologies will be used
  • How long will they need to access it for

Extend and Strengthen Existing Security Measures with Data Privacy

Securing data and preserving privacy, although complementary, are two very different things. Both are necessary to access and use data safely. The right cloud data privacy solution will respect and enhance your existing security design while adding protections to the data itself. Those protections will travel with the data, protecting it while in use and extending the border of your existing security.

Integration into Data Pipelines Consistently Enforces Privacy Policies

Manual processes and bespoke solutions break at enterprise scale. They delay time to data, are easily bypassed and fail company and regulatory audit. To streamline data provisioning and consistently protect sensitive data, privacy protections should be seamlessly integrated into your data pipelines and access controls.

Enterprise Grade Scalability

A data privacy platform designed for today’s modern data architectures is necessary to scale to the volume across all of your data environments and data sources. Whether you have on premise, cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid environments that are streaming, batch or on demand, you must be assured that your cloud data privacy solution enables you to make the right choices today and the flexibility to adapt in the future.

Track Data Usage End-to-End

As your Digital Transformation succeeds; data, users, insights and impact will grow. Not only must your data platform provide the flexibility, scalability, automation and controls to rise to this occasion, it must also enable you to demonstrate compliance with company policies and government data protection regulations.


Leveraging Sensitive Data with Confidence with AWS & Privitar

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from AWS data and analytics experts, as well as AWS Advanced Technology Partner Privitar, as they discuss how your organization can extract greater value from data while preserving every individual’s right to privacy and achieving regulatory compliance.

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Only a Platform Approach Can Make Data Safe for Digital Transformations

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ can make the data service essential to your cloud, big data or data lake initiative a Safe Data service. It will allow your organization to safely utilize sensitive data in order to make better decisions at the speed of business.

Optimize data utility by tuning de-identification according to the analysis requirements

Accelerate data provisioning by integrating Privitar with your data pipeline and access control systems via its REST APIs

Select any combination of de-identification techniques from Privitar’s comprehensive set to protect privacy

Apply Privacy Policies consistently across all of your environments and data sources

Track and audit origin, lineage and authorized users of every dataset with Privitar Watermarks™

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