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Protecting sensitive data is critical for data sovereignty

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Leveraging Data To Improve Performance is a Global Imperative

In today’s global economy, data sources are distributed worldwide, and opportunities for growth and optimization are everywhere. Enterprises often have analytics centers of excellence to maximize efficiencies, collaboration, accuracy and sophistication of models. Maximizing these efficiencies means that these hubs are not colocated with every regional data center. Combining this data can sharpen insights but creates complexity around data sovereignty and the movement of data across borders.

Protecting Sensitive Data is Critical to Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty regulations that control what personal data can be moved across borders are increasing. “Anonymization”, meaning potential to identify an individual is sufficiently removed to protect their privacy, is critical in many of these regulations. GDPR, the US Privacy Shield, Brazil’s LGPD data protection law and many others mandate this anonymization before data can be transferred and analyzed.

A Complete Data Sovereignty Solution is One That Precisely Manages Privacy Across Borders

There is no “one size fits all” for what levels of de-identification are required during cross-border transfers. An automated and customizable approach to different levels of data privacy will assist enterprises with data sovereignty at a global scale.

  • Anonymize data to remove the ability to identify individuals and allow more flexibility for organizations to send and receive data across borders
  • Achieve data minimization and provision only the data required for each use case
  • Evaluate data anonymously and then re-identify it within safe borders for actionable strategies
  • Track data throughout its lifecycle to ensure it is carefully monitored and used for the correct purpose, by the authorized people, at the appropriate time

Management of Data Sovereignty Requires an Automated, Granular Approach to Data Privacy

With the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™, organizations can set policies that ensure the right amount of data de-identification, and track where it’s going and who can access it. Adding Privitar’s data privacy solutions to data sovereignty management provides a scalable, customizable approach while maximizing the use of data for valuable insights.

  • De-identification of primary and pseudo-identifiers for anonymization
  • Re-identifying sensitive data after analysis for actionable strategies
  • Policy Management for a customizability and control
  • Watermarks for dataset identification and traceability
  • Role separation of analysis, re-identification and investigation

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