Business Intelligence and Analytics

Provide Access to Sensitive Data Like Customer Information in a Safe and Efficient Manner

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Big Data and the associated analytics technologies change the way businesses operate by offering greater insight and enabling better decision making. The analyses and models they power are capable of delivering incredible value, as long as they are provided data that has high analytical utility.

Analytics Data Pipeline with Privacy Built-In

Automated sensitive data protection must be a core component of your data pipeline in order to provide your organization with the required access to data. Creating a pipeline that can protect data in a manner that meets corporate and regulatory standards is critical to expanding data usage and maintaining data utility.

Maximize Investments in Big Data

Leading organizations have made significant investments in a wide range of big data initiatives including: Artificial intelligence and machine learning Analytics and data visualization Business intelligence reporting Data lakes or warehouses To get the most out of these investments it is critical that organizations are able to provide access to sensitive data like customer information in a safe and efficient manner. Data should be available for a range of uses and must be protected appropriately depending on the use case.

Privitar Enables Big Data Initiatives

Privitar delivers uncompromised data utility with a configurable, automated solution that minimizes the risk of data misuse. This platform allows organizations to leverage and analyze more of the data they have collected and stored, providing improved analytical insights. This is accomplished through:

  • Rich de-identification
  • Controlled dataset enrichment and linkability
  • Centralized policy management
  • Traceability Auditing capabilities

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