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Data Access is Critical to Business Goals

Effectively utilizing data has become an imperative in business today as corporations work to better understand their customers and markets in an effort to achieve growth objectives. When you look at new regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, brand damage from breaches and consumer privacy expectations, it is understandable why compliance, risk and privacy executives have limited or shut-off access to sensitive customer data. This has left business leaders wondering how their teams will generate the insights required to drive growth.

Regulations & How to Leverage Data

In many organizations, privacy regulations have left data users and compliance at odds with one another. These organizations believe they must choose between responding to soaring data demands and complying with increased privacy regulation. But this is a false dilemma.

The Wrong Tech: Delays and Risk

Other organizations have recognized this false dilemma and hired teams of engineers to write bespoke masking scripts. Introducing manual, iterative processes like this quickly results in months of delays, inconsistent access and unpredictable results. Plus, this approach doesn’t consider how needs will grow and evolve over time. It threatens compliance. And it thwarts business imperatives.

The Benefit of Using Data Safely

The integration of data into operational and strategic decision making has enabled faster time to insights and ultimately better decisions. This has resulted in advancements in product development, better targeted marketing, and more effective use of capital resulting in better financial results to name just a few benefits. Data can continue to produce these benefits even in this new world order as long as it is utilized safely.

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Enterprises can get the most out of this valuable asset – their data – while managing risk and complying with regulations. Safe, timely access and the insights that result from each analysis can continue to be the standard. Today’s data leaders achieve them all with a comprehensive Safe Data strategy that includes the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™.

A Data Privacy Platform Will Optimize Your Data Utility and Insights

Work with your stakeholders in data, IT, compliance, risk and across other business units to make sure you are managing sensitive data to maximize utility, minimize risk and protect privacy at scale. The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ will allow your organization to safely utilize sensitive data in order to make better decisions at the speed of business.

  • Optimize data utility for an analysis by tuning de-identification to retain data resolution where you need it while preserving privacy
  • Select from a large library of de-identification techniques from Privitar to protect data privacy
  • Satisfy compliance and risk by applying Privacy Policies consistently
  • Accelerate time-to-data by integrating Privitar into your data pipeline and automating provisioning
    Track and audit origin, lineage and authorized users of every dataset with Privitar Watermarks™

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