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Bill C-27: A Look at Lawful Collection and De-identification Under Canada’s New Privacy Law 

Key Takeaways from the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Privacy Risk Assessment for Safe, Collaborative Research

Common Questions About Data Privacy

Why It’s Essential to De-identify Chatlog Data Before Using it in Text Analytics

Privitar Introduces Data Privacy For Chat

Putting Safe Data at the Core of Data Mesh Powered by Data Virtualization

Spotlight on Jaspreet Cheema, Head of People (Commercial, Product & G&A)

Spotlight on Kate Fletcher, Vice President of Demand Generation

Spotlight on Rebekah Thompson, Head of People and Programs

Spotlight on Carlyn Aarish, Technical Architect

Fragility Forum: Minimizing Privacy Risks in Humanitarian Data

Spotlight on Fatima Kadouci, Sales Development Representative

Celebrate Data Privacy Week with Privitar

HR Analytics, Leadership, and People Trends for 2022

Data Analytics, Privacy, and Provisioning Trends for 2022

Privitar NOVLT Opens Up Possibilities for Your Data

Privacy Policy Trends & Predictions for 2022

Anonymization – The Quest to Define the Frontiers of Data Protection Law

Unlocking Siloed Data for the NHS

Introducing In:Confidence, the Podcast for DataOps Leaders

Reaping the Benefits from Safe Data Sharing

Getting Practical and Tactical with Safe Data

Infographic: Data Privacy Myths, Busted!

How Can Organizations Operationalize Fairness in AI Systems?

Data Sharing Tales from the (Battle) Field

What is Modern Data Provisioning and Why Does Your Organization Need It?

Using APIs to Power Your Data Privacy Strategy

Busting Four Myths About Anonymization

Keeping Current with the Data Privacy Landscape

Five Key Principles to Protect Data While Maximizing Analytical Utility

Privitar Launches New Case Studies Highlighting Best Practices in Health Data Sharing

Insights from AWS and Privitar: How to Get Business Value from Sensitive Data

What is the Data Provisioning Maturity Model and How Can it Help Your Organization?

An Update on Schrems II

Organizations Need to Manage Employee Access to Data Properly, or Risk Fines

Five Ways the Pandemic Changed Data Analytics for Good

Unlocking Siloed Data for the NHS

Data Privacy Myths Debunked

What Would a Legal Duty of Loyalty Mean for Organizations?

What is Schrems II and Why Does it Matter?

Build in Trust to Unlock Business Insights

Accelerate Your Insights with Cloud Native Privacy in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Data Sharing – Curbing the Power of Digital Platforms?

Virginia’s New Privacy Law Reflects the Benefits of Pseudonymization

Spotlight On Daisy Lee, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Spotlight On Suzanne Weller, Head of Research

Privitar Makes HIPAA Compliance Easier with Latest Release of Privitar Data Privacy Platform

Data Sovereignty – An End to Global Data Flows as We Know Them?

5 Promises Businesses Need to Make for an Ethical, Privacy-protected 2021

What is the Difference Between Tokenization vs. Encryption?

Policy Perspective: the Rise and Rise of the Class-action Style Lawsuit

What to Expect in 2021 for Data Privacy Compliance

4 Privitar Predictions for Data Privacy in the Year Ahead

Policy Perspective: Data Sharing Lessons from the Pandemic

Our Customer Advisory Board & Building Trust with Privacy

6 Things You Need to Consider to Power Analytics with (Protected) Sensitive Data

2020 – A transformative year for operating models

Announcing Privitar Data Privacy PlatformTM 4.0

How to create a safe data pipeline for sensitive data in the cloud

How can organizations handle Right to be Forgotten requests?

4 Q&As on privacy and post-pandemic recovery with Ruby Zefo

Encryption at rest and transparent data encryption

What Is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Steve Totman: Data Protection & Why It’s Critical to Innovation

What Businesses Need to Know about the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)

4 Reasons the United States Needs Federal Privacy Legislation Now

In the Insurance Sector, Use These 6 Steps to Innovate with Data

The Path to Data-Driven Banking with ABN AMRO’s Marcel Kramer

Using Protected Characteristics Responsibly to Build Better AI

The Knotty Issues Around the Value of Data

Ginny Badanes on the Intersection of Politics and Technology

How to Start Your Cloud Data Privacy Program

Want Healthcare Innovation? How To Drive It With Data

Reaching a New Dimension of Privacy

Plan Your Time with the In:Confidence Digital Series – Register Now

Credit Card Tokenization – When and Why Do You Need It?

3 Essential Data Privacy Considerations for the Post COVID-19 World

Understanding Data Generalization & Advanced De-identification Techniques

Survey Results: Can Data Privacy Drive Your Customer Loyalty?

6 Ways Data Privacy Can Improve A Retailer’s Competitive Edge

Implementing Data Privacy to Increase Innovation

4 Key Considerations When Protecting Data and Privacy In the Cloud

What is Tokenization and Why Is Tokenization Important?

Achieving NIST Privacy Framework Outcomes with Privitar

When Should You Build Vs. Buy A Data Privacy Solution?

Data Redaction: What It Is and When to Use It

Why Data Privacy is Indispensable in the Move Towards Cloud Adoption

Pseudonymization 101

Training Data: A Focal Point for AI Regulation?

Five Minutes With Steve Coplan, Sr. Director of Product and Solution Marketing at BigID

Accelerating Access to Safe and Usable Data with Automation in Financial Services

Why Data Privacy Must Be Prioritized as COVID-19 Accelerates the Shift to Digital

In:Confidence Digital: Day Two Preview from Sean Butler, Privitar’s Director of Product Marketing

In:Confidence Digital Sneak Preview: Insights from Christina Bechhold Russ, Director, Samsung NEXT

In:Confidence Digital Sneak Preview: Insights from Polly Sanderson, Policy Counsel at Future of Privacy Forum

Why Data Privacy is Critical for Helping Data Scientists

In:Confidence Digital Sneak Preview: Insights from Stewart Room, Data Protection Leader at DWF

Privitar Joins International Cyber Defence Alliance to Support the Healthcare Sector Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Obtaining Real Data Privacy in the Data-Driven World

Reflections on RSA 2020

In:Confidence Update

Privacy Data Management – A Platform Approach

Better Machine Learning Through Data Minimization

Data Privacy 101 for FinServ Adopting the Cloud

Charting a Course Through the Facial Recognition Debate

Data Privacy & Data Security

Five lessons from the Singapore Data Security Review

In:Confidence USA – Exploring the Future of Safe and Powerful Data

Getting ready for CCPA: what do businesses need to do?

Data Privacy Insight of the Week: 87% of Data Leaders Agree That Protecting Customer Privacy Is Paramount in Making the Most of Their Data

GDPR and responsible marketing

Differencing and Reconstruction Attacks

Data Breach Prevention: Insider Threats

Anonymization: Easy to Claim, Hard to Achieve

Financial Criminals Beware: Privitar and Collaborators are on the Job

Capital One data breach: the safe way forward from here

The CCPA is coming: Businesses Face Both Risks and Opportunities

Singapore Government wisely rolls out new data privacy standards

What’s new in Privitar?

Building the complete privacy toolbox

Bridging the gap – ensuring visibility across the data pipeline

Three privacy fails we can learn from

In:Confidence 2019 – The age of data privacy has begun

Latest Royal Society report recommends how the UK should boost use of Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Privacy isn’t optional: tribute to women who take privacy seriously

Differential privacy: 8 Lessons for the private sector

Data Privacy Day 2019

A data privacy primer ‘ and why you should care

Privitar helps the GSS find new ways to protect citizens’ privacy

[Video] Why hashing won’t give you complete protection

All I want for Christmas is Privacy

[Video] Differential Privacy: the gold standard of Privacy

Why privacy is key in an age of mistrust

Why nearly two-thirds of businesses are failing to use their data

Data privacy and the fight against anti-money laundering

The Data Policy Network – Data Policy Evening with Privitar

Privitar Recognized in this year’s Gartner Cool Vendors in Banking

Privitar 2.2

Why Are Organizations Slow to Adopt Privacy Engineering Techniques?

The Data Privacy Trends and Transformations in the Healthcare Industry

Differential Privacy Re-examined

Our First Data Ethics Policy Meet Up

Why Contextual Privacy Controls Are Essential

The Practical Reality of Data Privacy in Large Organizations

In:Confidence 2018 – Data Privacy: Outrage and Opportunity

DevOps Best Practices for Data

The Key Issues Around Facebook/Cambridge Analytica

The Personal Data Wake-up Call Business Needs to Hear

Female Pioneers in Data Privacy and Security: A Tribute on International Women’s Day

Why You Can’t Solve Big Data Privacy With Small Data Tools

Why You Really Don’t Need Production Data for Test and Dev

Reconstruction Attacks Video

Differencing Attacks – Introduction Video

The Challenges of Adopting a Data as a Service (Daas) Approach

What is Privacy Engineering?

When It Comes to Data Privacy, Are Consumers Really Voting With Their Feet?

Privacy Challenges Facing Telecoms Companies Today

The Privacy Fallacy: Data Protection Does Not Inhibit Enterprise Analytics

How Movement Traces Become Unique Identifiers

Extracting Value From Public Sector Data

CNIL President: GDPR will bring a ‘pan-European collaborative effort’.

Getting privacy right unlocks lifesaving technologies

Privitar closes $16m in Series A funding as businesses turn to data privacy technology

You don’t need a PhD to crack bad anonymisation

Podcast – The Science, Art and Regulation of Data Privacy

Privitar in the FinTech50 2017

Common privacy risks – How to protect your organisation

K – anonymity: An Introduction

Customer trust is slow to gain; quick to lose: Why banks need to protect their most valuable asset

Privitar one of ‘Top 10 fintech firms to watch’

Think your ‘anonymised’ data is secure? Think again.

On Data Privacy Day, we ask Privitar co-founder John Taysom, ‘how much privacy do we need’?

An Introduction to Differential Privacy

Privitar strengthens sales and marketing team in response to growing demand

Privitar selected for PwC and Swiftscale Future of Work programme for enterprise scaleups

Privitar welcomes Elizabeth Denham and her approach

The Chief Data Officer is perfectly positioned to drive innovation. Or maybe not?

Privitar and Cloudera to host joint webinar

Privitar sponsors Hortonworks Future of Data Roadshow in London

GDPR Data Breach Compensation Claims | Privitar

Always Remove Primary Identifiers

Microsoft v US Department of Justice: an important result for privacy

Oxford Union: Government access to consumer data?

Only store data you need

The GDPR and Brexit: A view from Privitar

Protecting individual privacy in a data-driven world

Privitar partners with Bank of England FinTech Accelerator Initiative

Leading organisations like Apple embrace privacy engineering

NTT DATA UK announces global partnership with Privitar to deliver data protection solutions

Data privacy and personalisation: Why marketers can have their cake and eat it


Challenges of Distributing Data

Five Dimensions of Modern Data Provisioning

Great Data Minds Technology Deep Dive

Thank You for Downloading First Steps to Data Provisioning Maturity

Thank You for Downloading The Data Provisioning Software Buyers Guide

Safe Analytics in the Cloud

Why Data Catalogs and Data Governance Tooling Don’t Work

Self-Service and Privacy-Safe Access to Data

Data is Not the New Oil: Measuring the Value of Your Information

Creating a Privacy-Centric Culture: An Interview with Kate Toumazi

Data and the Ever-Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Complying with the CCPA’s Right to Deletion

Unlocking Siloed Data for the NHS

First steps to data provisioning maturity

Data Provisioning Software Buyer’s Guide

Data Mesh: Use Data Responsibly. Unlock Business Value.

The Top 7 Techniques for De-identifying Data

Create a Privacy-Centric Data Culture in 6 Easy Steps

Data Protection: Shifting beyond what is legal to what is ethical

Trends in Modern Data Provisioning

Safe Analytics Checklist

What is Modern Data Provisioning?

Data Privacy Myths: Busted!

Safe and Compliant Data Provisioning in a Data-Driven Enterprise

On-demand: How to Get Business Value from Sensitive Data – AWS & Privitar

Introduction to Anonymization

Data Policy in Europe 2021 – Landscape Review

Getting Practical and Tactical with Safe Data

Tapping the Power of Safe Data to Unlock Business Insights

Where are you on the Data Provisioning Maturity Model?

Health Data Sharing Case Studies Executive Summary

Health Data Sharing Case Studies report

451 Research webinar: Privacy paradox, or promise?

Dynamisez vos analyses avec des données sensibles protégées…à la vitesse de l’entreprise

Improving Outcomes with Informatics Powered by Safe Data

Becoming a Data-Driven Bank with Privacy at the Core

CDAO UK 2021 – Panel Discussion, “Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence – Ethical Use of Data & AI”

Accélérer l’adoption de l’IA avec des données sécurisées: Privitar et Cloudera

Implémentez le “Privacy By Design” dans vos applications décisionnelles – présenté par NRJBI et Privitar

Cloud Transformation Trends 2021

Power Your Analytics with Protected Sensitive Data — at the Speed of Business

How Will Insurers Unlock The Full Potential of Big Data? A Fireside Chat with Cloudera & Privitar

Infographic: 2020 Consumer Poll on Data Privacy Laws

Safely Unleash the Value of your Data in the Cloud

Ist Data Privacy der große Verhinderer für Analytics?

Datenschutz A-Z: Von Redaction bis De-Identifizierung – technische Verfahren im Datenschutz

Protecting Data for Compliance and Risk Reduction

Cloud Data Privacy 101

ABN AMRO Unlocks the Full Value of Its Data With Cloud Data Privacy

Building the Fastest and Safest Paths to Data

Accelerating Safe Data Provisioning for Analytics and Machine Learning

Datenschutz A-Z: Tokenisierung

Automatisation de l’analyse des données sécurisées avec Privitar et BigID

In:Confidence Digital series – Digital Transformation: The Driver of Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

How to Elevate Your Privacy Posture

Die europäische Datenschutzlandschaft im Jahr 2020

Ask Me Anything series: Linkage Attack

Privacy-by-Design: A Key Enabler, Not an Afterthought

Ask Me Anything series: Tokenization 101

Ask Me Anything series: Data Redaction

Ask Me Anything Series: Pseudonymisation

In:Confidence Digital: Data Privacy & Facial Recognition

In:Confidence Digital: Contact Tracing, Data Privacy and Public Trust

Managing Data Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation

The European Data Privacy Landscape in 2020 – revisited

Data, Innovation and Resilience in Financial Services

Build vs. Buy – Why Privitar?

Powering Healthcare Informatics and Analytics with Safe Sensitive Data

Leveraging Sensitive Data with AWS and Privitar

Le droit à l’oubli

Maximizing Analytics Initiatives with Sensitive Data

How to Leverage Sensitive Data with Greater Confidence

4 Ways You Should Be Using Sensitive Customer Data for Growth

Limiter la durée du stockage des données sans en réduire la valeur

Data Privacy and Analytics in Retail

The US Data Privacy Landscape in 2020

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Implementing Data Privacy Best Practices in the Cloud with Privitar and AWS

Privitar & BigID Datasheet

Privitar & BigID Datasheet

Privitar Data Watermarks Datasheet

Share Anonymized Data Securely With Digital Watermarks Datasheet

Scalability of the Privitar Data Privacy Platform Datasheet

Scalability of the Privitar Data Privacy Platform Datasheet

Healthcare and Data Privacy Datasheet

Healthcare Data Privacy Datasheet

Retail and Data Privacy Workshop

Retail and Data Privacy Datasheet

In:Confidence Digital: Implementing Data Privacy Workshop​

In:Confidence Digital: Implementing Data Privacy Workshop

Votre conformité RGPD: comment gérer le droit à l’oubli?

Automating Safe Data Analytics for Financial Services

Ask Me Anything: De-Identification Techniques

Anti-Money-Laundering for the Modern Age: SaaS and Respecting Data Privacy

Data Privacy Unlocking the Power of Data

CCPA Compliance – B

Ask Me Anything: De-Identification Techniques and Q&A With Privitar Experts

CCPA Compliance Checklist

CCPA Compliance Checklist Thank You

Data Privacy 101: Guide to De-Identification

101 Guide to De-Id TY

Data Privacy and Security: Better Together

How to introduce Privitar to your customers

Privitar’s product strategy and roadmap

Unlocking value from data in the cloud

Customers who win with the Privitar Data Privacy Platform

How the Privitar Data Privacy Platform works

Powering Analytics and Business Intelligence with Safe Data

Managing Data Privacy in the Age of Digital Transformation

Privitar Data Sovereignty Datasheet Thank You

Data Sovereignty

European Data Protection Landscape in 2020

Maturing Your Organization to Implement a Comprehensive Privacy Strategy

Anti-Money Laundering: A Rapidly Evolving AML Landscape in the Digital Age Thank You

Anti-Money Laundering: A Rapidly Evolving AML Landscape in the Digital Age

Digital Transformation: Maintaining Privacy in the Age of Data Thank You

Digital Transformation: Maintaining Privacy in the Age of Data

Differencing Attacks – Reconstruction Attacks

CCPA Compliance Beyond Deadline Day

California Consumer Privacy Act Video Interview

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Extracting Maximum Value from Data while Protecting Consumer Privacy Thank You

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Data-Driven Insights from Safely Combined Datasets

Data Privacy with Privitar on AWS Thank You

Data Privacy with Privitar on AWS

Privitar Privacy Platform Demo

Building a Privacy Center of Excellence

Baking privacy into your processes with AWS

Why Data Privacy and Data Security Should Matter to You

Privacy Platform Datasheet

Right to be Forgotten

Tackling Data Privacy

What Your Business Needs to Be GDPR Ready

The 6 Principles of Privacy Safe Test and Dev data

Managing the Lifecycle of Sensitive Data

Managing the Lifecycle of Sensitive Data with the Privitar Data Privacy Platform

Security and Privacy: How to Grow the Relationship

Privacy Pulse 2019

NHS Digital Case Study

Getting Ready for GDPR

Differential Privacy for Statistical Agencies

Privacy is Foundational to Big Data Analytics

Privacy Pulse 2018

How to Securely Link Datasets from Different Organizations

Balancing Security and Privacy

How to Automate Your Privacy Protection

Getting Ready for CCPA

Practical Data Privacy Lessons for Financial Services

NHS Digital Case Study

Practical Data Privacy Lessons for Healthcare Leaders

Privacy and Security: A Symbiotic Relationship

GDPR – A New Global Standard?

Privacy Pulse 2019

Data De-Identification 101

Innovation in the Age of Data Privacy

Differential Privacy for Statistical Agencies

The Power of Advanced Analytics in Healthcare Informatics

Advanced Data Privacy: Attacks and Defence

Unlocking the Value of Sensitive Enterprise Data

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform Datasheet – Learn How Privitar Enables Scalable and Flexible Data Privacy Execution and Management

Privacy 101: Basics and Tips for Organizations

Unlocking the Value of Healthcare Data

Will Data Privacy Kill Innovation?

The Future of AI: Data and Privacy Considerations

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and GDPR

Can We Own the Data About Us?

Chris Wylie: Inside the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Story

Security and Privacy: Defining the Relationship

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica – A Developer’s View

Reducing the Risk of DevOps with Privacy-Preserved Datasets

GDPR Is Coming – Is Your Organization Ready? Key Steps to Help You Prepare

The 6 Principles of Privacy-Safe Test and Dev Data

Data as a Service (DaaS) – Challenges and Solutions

Differencing Attacks – An Introduction

Data Privacy and Innovation for Telecoms

Getting Ready for GDPR

What Your Business Needs to Know to be GDPR Compliant

Managing Privacy Risk in Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Tackling Data Privacy – Unlock the power of big data analytics

What is Privacy Engineering? Interview with Jason du Preez

GDPR: The Right to Be Forgotten

Hortonworks & Privitar: Responsible Big Data Architectures in Financial Services

Extracting Maximum Value from Data while Protecting Consumer Privacy

Press Releases

Privitar announces general availability of Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

Privitar announces Kormoon acquisition extending data privacy and provisioning capabilities

Great Data Minds partners with Modern Data Provisioning leader Privitar to advance safe, ethical use of data

Privitar announces strategic partnership with data integration and management leader Denodo to advance Modern Data Provisioning

Privitar Supports Broader Use and Sharing of Data Across Borders with Introduction of NOVLT Tokenization 

Privitar Expands Executive Leadership Team with Appointments of Victoria Normark as Chief Technology Officer, Pat Walsh as Chief Marketing Officer, and Bill Ziske as SVP of Sales North America

Privitar Launches Modern Data Provisioning Platform to Provide Self-Service Access to Trusted Data

Privitar Launches New, Seamless Native Pattern to Protect Sensitive Data on AWS

Privitar Strengthens HIPAA Compliance-Focused Features, Launches New “Fast Start” Rules Packs to Make It Easy for First Time Users To Get Up and Running, and Expands Multi Language Support with Latest Release of Privitar Data Privacy Platform

Privitar Now Certified on Cloudera Data Platform

Privitar Appoints Lars Björk to its Board of Directors

Privitar Introduces New Right to be Forgotten Functionality and Enhanced Enterprise-Ready Features to Enable Organizations to Safely Use Sensitive Data for Analytics

Privitar Aligns for Continued Growth and Expansion with Appointments of Jessi Marcoff as Chief People Officer and Nicky Brocklehurst as VP of People

Privitar Ranked as One of UK’s Fastest Growing Companies for Second Consecutive Year by Deloitte’s 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Privitar Achieves Microsoft’s Co-sell Ready Designation and Joins Microsoft Fast Track for ISVs Program

Privitar and StreamSets Announce New Partnership and Product Integration That Helps Organizations Accelerate Access to Data-Driven Insights by De-risking Their Data Pipelines

Privitar Announces New Integration with AWS Outposts That Enables Organizations to Safely Use Sensitive Data for Analytics in the Hybrid Cloud

Privitar Expands Executive Leadership Team with Appointment of Steven Totman as Chief Product Officer

Privitar Announces New Integration with Collibra That Combines Data Intelligence and Privacy Preservation to Accelerate Access to Safe Data

Privitar Named to the FinTech50 2020

10 Tech Track Ones to Watch 2020

New Privitar Survey Reveals Business Opportunity to Build Consumer Loyalty Through Data Privacy

HSBC Joins Data Privacy Firm Privitar’s Series C Financing Round with $7 Million Investment

Privitar and BigID Announce New Partnership and Product Integration to Help Organizations Achieve Greater Value and Faster Insights from Sensitive Data

Privitar Announces New Native Integration with Google Cloud Platform

Privitar Accredited Under IMDA Singapore’s Accreditation@SG Digital Programme

Privitar To Host Inaugural In:Confidence Digital May 14th & 21st

Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Privitar Closes $80 Million Series C Funding Round Led by Warburg Pincus

Privitar Selected for Future Fifty

Privitar Data Privacy Platform Enables Global 2000 to Broaden Critical Data Privacy Initiatives

PRIVITAR Joins AWS Partner Network Global Startups Program

Privitar Named Top 10 Regtech Startup Globally


Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Privitar Is a Finalist for Growth Champion of the Year Award

Privitar Adds Enhanced Capabilities for Data Protection and Safe Data Analysis in the Latest Version of Its Data-Privacy Software

Privitar Names Experienced Security Executive Bob Canaway as CMO

Privitar Raises $40 Million Series B Funding Round Led by Accel to Facilitate the Safe and Ethical Use of Data

Privitar raises $40 million to help companies protect sensitive data

Facebook backer Accel bets on data guardian Privitar

GDPR anniversary: has the regulation backfired?

Urgent Steps Required to Restore Trust in Organizations That Process Data

Privacy risks dash funds’ alternative data dreams

Privitar Joins the Fast Growth Icons Network

Privitar Launches a New Office in Singapore to Further Its Global Footprint

Privitar Achieves Advanced Technology Partner Status in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

Ieso Digital Health Chooses Privitar to Maintain Data Security and Accelerate Innovation in Mental Healthcare

Cloaks for data: making money from privacy by design

Privitar authors review of differential privacy for UK’s Office for National Statistics’ Quality Review

Privitar Authors Review of Differential Privacy for the Office for National Statistics’ Quality Review

Privitar Secures Strategic Investment From Citi

Data Revolution Backlash: Digital Privacy Angst Grips

UK data science can lead a global privacy-first mantra

Big Tech Senate Hearing: Us Gets in Line With International Action on Privacy

Sensyne Health Licenses Privitar’s Data Privacy Software

Privitar Joins Confluent Partner Program to Integrate Best in Class Data Streaming and Privacy Engineering

Privitar wins contract with NHS Digital to boost patient privacy

NHS Digital Chooses Privitar’s De-Identification Solution to Protect Patient Data

The FinTech50 2018

UK Business Angels Association

CogX 2018

GDPR is a start, but not enough to protect privacy on its own

Data-Privacy Law Creates New Business for Tech Consultants

Europe bets its data law will lead to tech supremacy

Retailers can turn data concern into opportunity

Cambridge Analytica’s Whistleblower: Regulate Privacy Like Car Safety Standards

RegTech Markets – 2017 Spotlight Award

Privitar raises $16M to help ensure privacy in big data analytics

Privitar Closes $16m in Series A Funding as Businesses Turn to Data Privacy Technology