Financial Services

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements: Mask or anonymise sensitive data appropriate to regions or departments without a significant impact to data utility and ensure compliance with data protection legislation.  

Provide safe access to sensitive data sets to both internal users and third parties for further analysis: Privitar enables collaboration between institutions on sensitive data sets for testing or analysis.

Key use cases include:
- customer analytics and marketing
- system testing on real datasets without re-identification risk
- safe sharing of datasets for technology and business innovation
- anonymisation of data suitable for cloud processing


Telco & Media

Protect against the unintended consequences of re-identification attacks or the mosaic effect: Privitar ensures that risk metrics are constantly re-evaluated as new data sources are added and joined for profiling purposes. 

Mine behavioral analytics from this highly personal and pervasive data class: Privitar ensures that privacy is considered at the outset and in depth with sound privacy-by-design principles.

Key use cases include:
- operational monitoring and optimisation
- customer retention and marketing
- creation of data products based on location and activity data for anonymised populations


Health & Pharma

Share and analyse health care data without revealing the identity of your patients: Ensure the anonymity of underlying patient records and go beyond traditional de-identification methods.
Transform and anonymise sensitive data to facilitate secondary use: Transform your data using sophisticated masking and anonmyisation technique and make it suitable for use in broader contexts.

Key use cases include:
- pooling of statistics across providers
- safe sharing of data with researchers


Workplace & Education

Mine workplace and educational performance data, demographic information for insights and predictive analytics: 

Privitar ensures anonymity of data and enables safe broader access and a scientific approach to process change.


Solutions with Privitar

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