Many companies today are now operating in a hybrid multi-cloud computing environment with data being captured and stored in the data center, in multiple clouds, and at the edge. This makes data difficult to find, integrate, analyze and govern. It also slows down people’s ability to get the data they need to drive value in a data-driven enterprise. As a result, many are now trying to discover and catalog what data they have and develop pipelines to produce trusted, reusable data products and publish them in a data marketplace to make available to all who need it across the enterprise.

However, one major problem with this is that data provisioning is unsafe if data privacy is not governed to ensure an organization remains compliant with legislation.

This session looks at this problem and discusses how to solve it so that companies can move forward using data with confidence knowing that privacy is never compromised:

– The current state of the data landscape in aspirational data-driven enterprises
– The growing importance of the Enterprise Data Marketplace or Data Exchange
– The intended process – shop for, order, and provision data
– Data Privacy – The gaping hole in data provisioning
– Safe data provisioning requirements in a data-driven enterprise
– Stepping up to the challenge – Scalable Safe Data Provisioning