Latest results from our annual survey of consumer and business attitudes to data privacy

Privacy Pulse 2019

Privitar’s Privacy Pulse 2019 presents the latest from our annual survey of consumer and business attitudes to data privacy. Covering the US, UK and France, this research will help you to get a comprehensive view of how your customers think about privacy – and what holds your peers back from using their data to the full.

Our findings will help you to define, build a case for and execute your own privacy program. Results on consumer attitudes to data and the organisations who hold it show the scale of the opportunity open to companies who get data privacy right. And understanding what holds other organisations back will help you to clarify the next steps in your own data privacy journey.

The key themes covered in this important piece of work include:

The data trust deficit

Trust that organisations will protect data privacy is low across all industries and consumer tolerance for mistakes is declining. Find out why – and how your industry fares – in our report.

How businesses can address the trust crisis

Businesses say they empower customers to decide how their data is used – but consumers still say they want more control over their data. Our results explore the gap between business perception and consumer expectation – and what can smart companies do to bridge it.

Unlocking the value of data

Customers are more willing to share their data when businesses are transparent about how it will be used. Knowing that their health data can be used to develop more effective cures, for example, increases their willingness to share by ten percentage points. Use our research to understand what matters to today’s consumers – and how to be the company your customers can trust.