Leveraging data to know, understand and serve customers with lifestyle-based coverages and the right financial products for peace of mind is an area of great opportunity for insurance companies.

Seen another way, insurers now feel pressure more than ever to provide growing data science functions and hungry analytics teams with access to an increasing number of datasets, at the right time.

Insurers have long struggled to break silos, and data use is also increasingly impeded by the data privacy policies and procedures that organizations created to minimize financial and reputational risk. They are constantly balancing data’s dual status as an asset and liability.

Our fireside chat to hear Monique Hesseling, Cloudera’s Managing Director of Insurance, and Steve Totman, Chief Product Officer at Privitar, discuss the opportunity and the challenges in front of insurance companies that want to realize maximum value from their data.

Monique and Steve will offer insights on how to meet the growing demand for data, democratize data access, and navigate data privacy obligations to open up new uses for data.