In a complex and emerging field such as data privacy, understanding data de-identification is vital. International regulation is changing and varies between jurisdictions and vertical markets. The different uses of data places a range of demands on data providers. The consequences of failing to treat data correctly are severe. Understanding the range of requirements and the approaches available is fundamental to making decisions about the potential data risk an organization faces.

The Privitar Data De-identification 101 series provides a ground-level introduction to the issues surrounding data de-identification, one of the fundamental components of data privacy.

Guide to De-Identification Overview

  1. Introduction to Data Privacy
  2. The Identifiability Spectrum, Risk and Utility
  3. Why De-Identify Data?
  4. De-Identification Techniques
  5. How to Choose the Right De-Identification Techniques
  6. Foundations for Managing De-Identified Data
  7. Using De-Identified Data in the Real World