How to Evaluate Your Privacy Posture with Marc Moesse, VP of Product

Privacy is continuously evolving discipline, and assessing where you are on the maturity curve is critical to evaluate what comes next. In this session, we will discuss how the state of privacy is evolving across the globe, and inside or organizations today as we dive into how to practically implement a privacy solution.

How to Implement a Privacy Center of Excellence with
Pat Bates, Senior Privacy Engineer

Implementing privacy across your organization requires a lot more than just the right tools, it requires alignment across teams and people. Come learn how leaders are defining team structures to meet the ever-evolving challenges of protecting privacy.

How to Evaluate Your Data Protection Solution
Mark Semenenko, Senior Privacy Engineer

Come and learn what to look for when constructing your Data Protection Solution tests; listen to a technical leader in the Data Privacy space talk about real world usage of Data Protection techniques and why you need them in your data platform.

Maximising the Value of Sensitive Data in the Cloud with
Tom Kennedy, Director of Cloud & Technology Partnerships

Tom will outline how organisations can move more sensitive data into the cloud and leverage cloud technologies to maximise the value of their sensitive data.