As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, the tools that collect, store and process data evolve as well. Gartner predicts that by 2023, 65 percent of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.” In order to stay ahead of the curve, organizations must put in place the correct technology, processes and people to operationalize data protection, while being able to unlock value from this data.

Join us for our latest webinar where Paul McCormack, Founder at Kormoon joins Steve Totman, Chief Strategy Officer at Privitar as they discuss:

– The recent changes to the regulatory landscape and what this means for processing, moving and drawing insights from data
– Why is there so much movement and why regulations are becoming so granular
– Stories of data breaches and would could have been done to prevent these
– How you should manage the volume of changing regulations around the world, centrally.