Protected Data Domain

Data Minimization Using Protected Data Domains

When data includes sensitive personal data, it can be more complicated to deliver the right data in the right form to the right analysts and systems. Privitar Protected Data Domains breakthrough these challenges and enable you to easily prepare a dataset for use in a particular context. You define where retaining data resolution is essential and trade off against where it is not. They employ data minimization, and therefore represent the ideal unit for managing risk according to your tolerance based on the data and users for each analysis. 


Centralized Control of Data Linkage and Enrichment

When linkage is by design, you can retaining referential integrity and enrich data containing personal information to lead to breakthrough insights. But uncontrolled linkage can result in inadvertent re-identification, whether by good intentioned analysts unknowingly collaborating or by third parties with whom you have limited visibility.

Privitar Protected Data Domains enable centralized control of what data can be linked. Within each Protected Data Domain, you can preserve referential integrity using consistent tokens, but linkages between Protected Data Domains is prevented by using different ones. These pseudonyms prevent linkage to public datasets. 


Metadata Define Scope and Intent

Each Protected Data Domain includes metadata for properties such as requester, approver, user(s), purpose and duration of use that define the scope and intent of each dataset. You can  automate the enforcement of access entitlements and data expiration by using this metadata can in conjunction with your data catalog, identity and access management system, and other data pipeline tools.


Watermarks Embed Data Provenance

By tailoring specific de-identification techniques, Privitar embeds Watermarks into data without any loss in fidelity. These digital fingerprints enable detection and attribution of unauthorized copies of data. They act as a powerful deterrent against insider threats and accelerate forensic investigation in the event of a breach.


Real Datasets Retain Application Compatibility

Protected Data Domains are real datasets. After you apply privacy transformations, safe data in a Protected Data Domain retains the structure of the original, including its schema, format, storage location and metadata, thereby preserving application and tool compatibility.

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