De-Identification Requires a Platform Approach

The scope of data, users and purposes in your enterprise is vast.You need a privacy platform that can meet the requirements for every context; a simple one size fits all using only masking or tokenization or encryption will fall flat. 

That’s why the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ enables you to select from the full range of de-identification techniques in any combination so you can tune the data resolution and re-identification risk according to each individual analysis, model or use. 


Begin by Understanding Data Context

A successful data privacy program takes full account of data context. Context includes:

  • The dataset required for each analysis or model
  • The different combinations of direct and quasi-identifiers
  • The different access rights and privileges of the employees and third parties who are working with the data
  • Data users’ access to other datasets that could be used in a linkage attack
  • The questions asked and insights sought

This context determines how you will combine de-identification techniques in a Protected Data Domain.™


Full Set of De-Identification Techniques 

Once you understand the data context, you are equipped to select and apply the right de-identification techniques from Privitar’s full roster in any combination to the direct and quasi-identifiers.


Advanced De-Identification Capabilities

It’s not just about having the full set of de-identification techniques from which to choose for a given data context. Privitar also provides you the flexibility to decide when to preserve consistency, format and reversibility. 

For advanced data privacy programs, only the Privitar Data Privacy Platform layers on the capabilities of SecureLink™ and differential privacy – giving you the power to safely combine, share or release data

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