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Privitar Data Security Platform

Streamline the complicated parts of security and privacy so that you can get on with using data, responsibly. Privitar accelerates self-service access to data with collaborative workflows, regulatory intelligence, and the ability to enforce security and privacy controls on multiple platforms from a single policy.

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Security and privacy automation for the modern data stack

Ensure data reaches those who need it, when they need it. Manage risks and demonstrate compliance with multiple standards and regulations.

Streamline secure data access

Gain frictionless self-service access to data with a broad spectrum of data protections streamlined in your data operations.

The Privitar Data Security Platform

Our Data Security Platform brings universal, scalable security and privacy automation to the modern data stack. Get the Product Brief to see how you can share and use your data without compromising on compliance or customer trust.


Gut Reaction's Story

Gut Reaction, part of the NIHR BioResource, is a unique, secure data resource designed to facilitate academic and industry research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Gut Reaction brings together patient data from the IBD BioResource cohort with a patient’s clinical records and makes it available to researchers on a much broader scale than ever before. Patient trust and privacy is critical to Gut Reaction’s success. Privitar allows Gut Reaction to easily, readily, and repeatedly de-identify data so they can maintain privacy and still allow access for research.

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