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Modern Data Provisioning Platform

The only platform that provides self-service access to safe data in real time.

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The fastest way to data you can trust

The Modern Data Provisioning Platform streamlines collaborative workflows and policy-based controls to create safe and meaningful data that protects individuals.

Provide data that makes a difference

Give your users safe and easy access to the data they need, so they can generate the insights that support your success.

Access data when you need it

Help your teams effortlessly access data—safely, and without complex approval processes. Streamline data registration, policy management, and approval workflows to accelerate self-service data access.

Diversify your data sources

Make more data sources available for safe use and unlock valuable data stores that were previously unusable. Map data protections to your use cases to transform sensitive data into safe data.

Give more users access to data

Safely expand data access for safe use by more users, to equip everyone with the insights they need. Effortlessly control what your users see, without disrupting their ability to get value from your data.

Keep your data’s value, even after protection

Get more value from protected data and help your teams generate useful insights — without compromising on privacy. Using a comprehensive range of privacy-enhancing computation techniques, you can tune data resolution for each analysis.

Comply with ease

Take the hassle out of compliance and gain peace of mind. Simplify data protection by automating risk management and mapping controls to relevant laws and regulations.

Get more from your existing investments

Make the most of technologies that already deliver value in your organization. Build privacy into your current data pipelines and allow anyone in your business to access data using their preferred tools.

Key capabilities

Streamline processes to enable effective and responsible data use without friction or delay.

Data exchange

Streamlined collaboration between data owners, guardians, and consumers puts the right data in the right hands, faster than ever.

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Policy lifecyle

Policies align data protection to approved business use, regulations, and compliance frameworks for simplicity, speed and scale.

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Access controls

Controlled access to data, adjusted by contextual attributes like user and purpose, means users can share data without exposing sensitive information.

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Privacy controls

Data-centric protections, tailored to context, maximize the business value of data and minimize the risk of exposing sensitive information.

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Modern data architecture

Policies, enforced consistently across multiple environments, ensure the best performance by applying protections close to where data lives.

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Compliance accelerators

Data guardians can use templates for regulations including GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA to assign protections automatically.

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The platform

Collaborative workflows and policy-based controls ensure safe and meaningful data reaches those who need it, when they need it.

The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

In modern data provisioning, privacy and accountability are built into the provisioning process directly to optimize efficiency and accelerate access to data.


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