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Data Compliance Navigator

Get clear actions for data compliance —immediately and cost effectively.

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“Compliance with data regulations is mission critical for our business and maintaining our customers’ trust. Privitar Data Compliance Navigator simplified compliance, supported expansion of our business operations into new markets, and saved us significant time and legal fees.”
— Gavin Dein, Founder and CEO of Reward
Data Compliance Navigator Report

Get actionable data compliance steps instantly

Grasp the impact of data compliance laws, principles, and practices on data use across multiple jurisdictions. Get the steps you need to take to comply — immediately, not in months.

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For data consumers

Data Compliance Navigator shows analysts and data scientists how factors like purpose and location impact the compliance risk related to their projects. Compliance steps are transparent and digestible.

For data owners

Data Compliance Navigator provides business users with an understanding of risks and data compliance steps related to the data assets they want to share.

For data guardians

Data Compliance Navigator gives compliance teams actionable compliance steps to inform the access and privacy policies they put in place before granting access to data.

Reduce the time and cost to comply

Many organizations turn to law firms to review requests for data access and advise on data compliance. While this approach is prudent, it also introduces costs and delays for each individual data request. Meanwhile, compliance knowledge is siloed in compliance teams or external law firms, at arm’s length from the business functions that need it most.

Privitar Data Compliance Navigator takes the time and cost out of efforts to understand and implement data compliance steps for data-driven projects.

The big picture

Compliance intelligence and automated compliance steps make it easier for organizations to provide data without compromising data compliance.

Data owners receive the guidelines needed to share data responsibly. Data guardians understand what policy is needed before approving access to data. Compliance steps are transparent and digestible for data consumers.

Key benefits

Reduce costs

Cost-effective and sustainable access to reusable compliance information saves time and money by cutting reliance on human intervention.

Reduce risk

Accurate, consistent and actionable data compliance steps empower users to identify and mitigate risks across diverse contexts.

Reach value faster

A fast, reliable way to engage around automated advice improves productivity and ensures stakeholders identify data compliance steps early in projects.

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Keeping up with data compliance can be costly in more ways than one. See exactly how much by answering three simple questions.

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