Research & Policy

Assuring data privacy in an increasingly digital world is a significant and pressing challenge. To create and market effective data privacy software, Privitar must first have a deep understanding of all facets of the problem. We commit significant resources to our Research and Policy teams to help us do that.

The teams work with world leading academics, policy makers, regulators, and other experts to think deeply about how technology can help us to preserve privacy while utilizing data. Our Research and Policy teams do not have sales targets. We make this investment because we’re passionate about solving the privacy problem, and because we believe it’s only by grappling with the hard issues that we’re going to be able to build and market the solutions that our clients need. This work also enables us to produce high-quality, thought-leading content that helps companies in the selection and use of privacy enhancing technologies, and at times shapes the public debate.

Past Public Projects


ONS Report

As part of the UK Government’s review of privacy and data confidentiality methods, Privitar was asked to author a chapter on the new field of differential privacy and what statistical agencies need to know.

Royal Society

Privitar’s Head of Policy was a member of the Royal Society working group on privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), helping to write their report.

FCA Techsprint

As part of a team with Westpac, Citi, DataRobot, Oracle Labs, Bureau van Dijk and Companies House, Privitar won the FCA’s Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Techsprint in 2019.

Current Projects

Health Data Sharing

Privitar is working with partners on a set of new case studies exploring health data sharing in the UK. The case studies will explore risk assessment, controls selection, and the legal reasoning involved in data sharing for health research in the UK.


Privitar is working with the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies on a project to see how privacy technologies can unlock data sharing to fight financial crime.


For the past two years Privitar has been supporting the development of the IEEE’s new privacy process standard, for which Privitar is the technical editor.

Upcoming Events

Privitar convenes regular meetups of our Data Policy Network. The network includes experts from academia, the business community, NGOs and the public and private sector. The events typically include a keynote from a leading thinker, followed by discussion and networking.

Consultation Responses

ICO logo


The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is reviewing their guidance on anonymisation. To support the review, we submitted a paper outlining our recommendations for the future direction of anonymisation policy.


In 2018 Privitar responded to the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration consultation looking at considerations affecting a federal privacy law.


In 2017 Privitar provided written advice to the Singaporean Personal Data Protection Commission during the development of their anonymisation guidelines, the final guidelines can be found here.


In 2017 Privitar submitted a consultation response to the Singaporean Personal Data Protection Commission on their public consultation on Approaches to Managing Personal Data in the Digital Economy.

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