We’re excited to announce a significant update to our leading data provisioning product: Privitar Publisher 2.0 enables organisations to extract maximum value from their data while protecting sensitive information - which accelerates data provisioning and speed-to-insight.

Privitar Publisher allows organisations to anonymise data at scale with new features that enable simple, company-wide deployment and consistent application of rules. Publisher simplifies data anonymisation, as it requires no custom scripting or coding. Publisher makes data science and advanced analytics more secure, scalable, and compliant with regulations while optimising the utility of the data.

Here’s what’s new:


Protected Data Domains - more privacy at enterprise scale

Protected Data Domains (PDD) mean you can publish anonymised data to a group or department within your organisation. Data published into different PDDs cannot be linked, preventing collusion between third parties. In the event of a data breach, leaked PDD data is anonymised, which makes re-identification extremely difficult. Thereby, PDDs reduce your risk exposure and enable secure data usage that scales across your organisation.

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Collaborate on data and share it internally, with third parties and the cloud

Publisher preserves the referential integrity of datasets within a PDD. That means any data published into a PDD is coherent with other data in the PDD, making it safe and usable across analytics teams and external partners.


Add watermarks for data lineage tracking

Embed a digital stamp onto your sensitive datasets published into a PDD. This watermark feature supports data governance by tracking access to your datasets. In the case of a leak, these can be recovered from published data and help investigators track data lineage back to a PDD. This is an effective audit trail that makes it easier to trace the source of the breach.


Manage your privacy policies centrally

Create a library of reusable, centrally-approved privacy rules to build consistent policies. This ensures compliance and repeatability across your organisation.

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