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The most valuable datasets are often the most sensitive.

Privitar Lens allows you to develop safe, interactive analytics applications without opening access to raw data. These data products are driven by Lens APIs and allow end users to access insights from a dataset, while protecting the privacy of individuals


Privitar Lens Architecture


Privitar Lens sits between data providers and data applications, providing a privacy-preserving API to statistical insights that can power a range of applications, such as interactive visualisations, dashboards or reports.


Using differential privacy techniques, Lens provides strong mathematical privacy protections, even on high-dimensional datasets, such as location traces or transaction records.

  • Safely release insights from a sensitive dataset while preserving individual privacy.
  • Rapidly develop safe, interactive analytics applications without opening access to raw data.
  • Take advantage of the strength of differential privacy in gaining the trust of data subjects.

Automatically assess data privacy risk


Privitar Lens’s built-in risk assessment engine identifies and applies the best level of anonymisation to ensure privacy is always preserved while maintaining the utility of the data.

This allows you to provide access to insights on sensitive data in a way previously not possible because of privacy risks.

Lens provides an intuitive set of tools for data owners to manage and understand the use of differential privacy, including assisting data owners in determining appropriate differential privacy parameters.

Lens UI

Build data-driven applications and dashboards

Privitar Lens enables the creation of privacy-preserving APIs that can be used to drive a variety of reports, dashboards and data products.

Lens provides the ability for users to drill down for more detail in multiple dimensions, for example based on demographic or behavioural information, while simultaneously preserving privacy.

Lens insights can be used to enhance the customer experience of existing products, or drive the development of new, data-driven insights applications which can be made commercially available.


Increase speed to insight

With Privitar Lens, privacy and utility checks are performed automatically. This enables the approval process for data releases to be accelerated, and for insights to be made available more quickly. Importantly, data owners are also informed of the effect of the privacy protection on statistical utility.

Lens’s key privacy protections allow data-driven businesses the freedom to publish more data, make it available to more data consumers, and use it to generate more revenue.

Data Product
Location Map


Build trust with data subjects and consumers

Consumers and data subjects increasingly demand their personal data be treated with the utmost care and respect in how their data is used. Using Lens demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of data privacy, which helps build vital trust.

It has been shown that the practice of releasing plain aggregate statistics does not necessarily protect the private data of individuals in a dataset; such releases are vulnerable to malicious attacks or unintentional re-identification.

However, due to the proven strength of differential privacy techniques, data releases made with Lens do not have this vulnerability.

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