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The practical application of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) is advancing rapidly. Many promising new techniques are emerging, but the challenge lies in matching these to the right business use cases, and developing them into products that are easy to understand and to use correctly, at scale. This is Privitar’s mission.

Within Privitar Labs, we’re driving the creation of practical solutions using PETs. We work in close partnership with our strategic customers to apply leading privacy techniques to enable new uses of data.

Collaboration with international academic experts

We also work closely with our academic advisors and the wider academic community to track and understand the latest theoretical developments and how to use these correctly. We advance the state of the art in data privacy, and this collaborative work feeds directly into Privitar’s core product roadmap.

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Sharing data insights with differential privacy

Protecting sensitive information in unstructured text

Safely analysing
location data

Case Studies

ABN AMRO De-ID of Unstructured Text Case Study

UCAS Risk Assessment Case Study

Discovery and Privitar Labs: Unstructured Data Case Study

Team up with Privitar Labs

Our approach is to work with you to first identify the privacy risks associated with your use case. Together with our world-class academic advisors, we design and build prototype solutions which we evaluate and develop for your use case. Where the prototype successfully solves a valuable business problem, we incorporate this new solution into our core product roadmap, with our partners’ requirements at the centre of our product vision.

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