Data Leaders Breakfast


Join us on July 9th for In:Operation Amsterdam, the next stop in our executive breakfast roundtable series, aimed at global business leaders and senior technical decision makers.

These exclusive sessions focus on the role of data privacy across the enterprise, as it enables innovation and unlocks business value. Attendees have the opportunity to discuss best practices in interactive peer-lead roundtables, and gain insight from after-breakfast presentations delivered by senior data-driven leaders.

This executive breakfast will feature a presentation by Claire Pritchard, Director of Data and Analytics at ABN Amro, and James Kenney, Benelux Market Director at Privitar.

Why attend?

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from an industry thought leader and to meet with peers to learn about how organisations can maximise insight from data while addressing privacy concerns.

Claire Pritchard will talk about ABN Amro’s journey to becoming a data-driven bank, the challenges that privacy presents in achieving their goals and how they are planning to address them.

James Kenney, from Privitar, will discuss how privacy engineering can help enterprises achieve the right balance between data insight and privacy, and tell some stories of organisations that are on the path to success.

Who should attend?

CDOs, CIOs, CTOs, CPOs, Chief Data Architects and senior technical decision makers


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9th July 2019
09:00am - 11:00am


Sir Adam Hotel
Overhoeksplein 7,
1031 KS Amsterdam,



by invitation only


Claire Pritchard, Director of Data and Analytics at ABN Amro

James Kenney, Benelux Market Director at Privitar

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