Data Privacy in the Cloud

Cloud Data Privacy

Migrating to public cloud has enabled enterprises to be more scalable, reduce capital expenditures and provide more agility for processes and product development. In addition, cloud deployment can enable Data as a Service models where datasets can be provisioned on-demand and privacy policies can be automated.

For some businesses however, moving sensitive data to a cloud platform may not be straightforward. Using cloud can empower teams to be more productive and share more data. The increased access to raw sensitive data by internal actors however may increase cloud data privacy risk. Furthermore, in some legislations, storing sensitive data on cloud in other regions may not be compliant, and moving data to a cloud platform also outsources data protection to a third party.

Publisher can be used de-identify sensitive data before migrating it to the cloud and thereby enable a broader data use while minimising privacy risk. With Publisher, data can be de-identified either at rest or in motion. IT professionals can ensure that direct and in some cases quasi-identifiers have been removed from datasets before storing it on a cloud platform. Data de-identification policies can be centrally defined and managed allowing for consistent application of privacy-preserving policies across the entire data estate.


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Key Features

Publisher for Cloud Data Privacy

  • De-identify streaming data, at ingest as part of ETL pipeline or at rest locally on a cluster before moving it into the cloud environment
  • Automate privacy policy and centrally manage policies consistently across all datasets in the enterprise
  • Retain data value, referential integrity and preserve useful patterns
  • Apply advanced privacy techniques with masking, tokenisation, encryption, perturbation or generalisation techniques
  • Embed watermarks in datasets to facilitate auditing and data lineage
  • Use protected data domains to enable data collaboration in teams while limiting the joining of datasets among unauthorised individuals


Cloud enablement with data privacy on AWS

As organisations look to use AWS services to drive growth and fuel innovation, the ability to successfully navigate privacy concerns is a key enabler to derive the most value from even their most sensitive data

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