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Customer Analytics

Processing and analysing customers’ digital footprint is an effective mechanism for increasing revenue and building brand loyalty. However, collecting large amounts of customer data increases data privacy risks and customer concerns.

In particular, with GDPR legislation, organisations need to ensure personal data protection. While there are several tools that can address these compliance challenges, e.g. tools that provide access controls or encryption, Privitar’s products de-identify the customer data itself. This provides an additional layer to the data privacy and reduces risk of data breaches. Data privacy is not only for legislative compliance, but a competitive advantage. It reduces risk exposure to brand value and increases the likelihood of customer opt-ins by growing customer trust.

Privitar products such as Publisher or Lens enable the sharing and analytics of de-identified customer data. Lens allows for the creation of data products and visualisations from customer data while protecting customer anonymity.

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Key Features

Publisher for Customer Analytics

  • De-identify sensitive data with masking, perturbation or generalisation techniques
  • Preserve useful patterns in data and retain referential integrity
  • Embed watermarks in datasets to facilitate auditing and data lineage
  • Automate privacy policy creation and centrally manage policies consistently across datasets in the enterprise
  • Retain customer data format, e.g. email addresses can be represented in email form
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Lens for Customer Analytics

  • Monetise data while preserving privacy of sensitive customer data with differential privacy guarantee
  • Quickly produce and change data products
  • Open data to a wide audience without requiring data science understanding or skills
  • Collaborate with untrusted parties without revealing individuals
  • Full audit and visibility of queries
  • Often safer and more comprehensive than in-house-developed solutions


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