In:Sight - Data Leaders Dinner

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"Whatever we’re doing isn’t working.”

That’s the harsh, frustrating reality companies face after suffering a data privacy breach.

Failure to safeguard customers' sensitive personal information has serious financial and legal consequences – and that’s before brand erosion and reduced consumer trust start to affect customer acquisition and retention. 

Unless companies have confidence that their data is not only safe from malicious intruders and insider threats, but also safe to use to gain valuable business insights, progress is difficult.



The In:Sight Data Leaders Dinner discussion is focused on the financial sector, and will center on how organizations can protect customers’ data privacy and use data to gain the valuable insights that drive growth and success.

This dinner is aimed at global business leaders and senior technical decision makers, looking to discuss best practices in interactive peer-lead roundtables and gain insight from the after-dinner presentations.


6:00 pm - Arrival and networking drinks
7:00 pm - Presentations and roundtable
8:00 pm - Dinner
9:00 pm - Post content networking


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October 16, 2019
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


STK Downtown
26 Little W 12th St,
New York, 10014



by invitation only

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