Data leaders breakfast


Join us on the 15th of May for an exclusive breakfast and roundtable for data-driven business leaders and senior technical decision makers, hosted by Accenture and Privitar at Accenture’s office in Raffles City Tower.

We will discuss how technology and best practice can enable businesses to safely leverage, share and derive insights from sensitive data, accelerating innovation while protecting brand and customers from harm.

Accenture will present an industry perspective on the role of Data Privacy across the enterprise and Tho Yeong Chien, Executive Director at Privitar will speak on Data Privacy by Design.


Why participate?

  • Understand the importance of data privacy for businesses and the privacy risks related to big data, analytics and data monetisation
  • Discover how to extract value from sensitive data without compromising consistency and usefulness
  • Learn why engineering privacy protection into datasets helps businesses comply with data protection regulations in multiple jurisdictions



  • 8.00am welcome and breakfast
  • 8.30am presentations by Accenture and Privitar
  • 9.30am networking



This will be a chance to share and discuss data protection, data privacy and data governance best practices along with highlighting challenges facing your organisation.

If you are a data-driven business leader, or a technical decision-maker then join us for an enjoyable morning of learning and networking with your peers.


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15th May 2019
8:00am - 10:00am


Room 12, Level 35
Accenture, Raffles City Tower

250 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179101



by invitation only



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