Privitar Privacy Pulse 2018

Understand the latest on consumer and business attitudes to privacy

A significant majority of consumers mistrust business use of data. And the majority of business leaders believe they could be doing more to protect customer data. How will you handle this crisis of trust – and can you be confident in using your customers’ data?

We engaged Edelman Intelligence to survey 5,000 consumers and 1,500 business leaders across the UK, US and France. Our results point to a wealth of opportunity for companies who use customer data safely.

Download our infographic to understand the latest on consumer attitudes to privacy, the opportunities companies are currently missing and the growing need to prioritise data privacy. 



If you want to learn more, watch our webinar on demand. This session will dive deep into the results of the data privacy survey, featuring experts from industry and policy, exploring the issues raised by the results and their implications for your business.



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