Products for Privacy Engineering

Ensure privacy is intrinsic to your data projects

Privitar products allow organisations to analyse datasets containing sensitive information (e.g. customer data, employee records, banking transactions, trade data) while preserving privacy or confidentiality. This opens up data for safe advanced analytics, data science and sharing, while ensuring consistent and accountable protection of private information.

Privitar offers two ways to protect sensitive data:


Privitar Publisher

Privitar Publisher

Privitar Publisher is a comprehensive solution for data privacy protection and governance. Privitar Publisher offers state of the art privacy engineering techniques to create de-identified data that can be used for analytics, data science and machine learning, sharing with third parties and processing in cloud environments.
Privitar Publisher allows organisations to adopt a consistent approach to data privacy and unlock the value of their sensitive data at scale.

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Privitar Lens

Privitar Lens

Privitar Lens is a platform for building privacy-preserving access to sensitive datasets. Lens protects aggregate data releases from sensitive sources using strong differential privacy techniques, and provides access to safe statistics over APIs that can be consumed by data products, dashboards, or reports.

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Essential to modern data architectures

Like security, privacy protection should be designed into data systems at every level, not bolted on as an afterthought. Privitar products add foundational privacy to your data processing architecture at every stage: ingest, data preparation, analytics, statistical modelling and reporting.

  • Integrate with and execute within your environments and scale to big data, so there is no need to take data out of its secure environment
  • Bring consistency, auditability and accountability to the protection of sensitive data, through the use of centrally managed Privacy Policies
  • Integrate with metadata stores both to identify sensitive data and to record how risks have been mitigated
  • Record full data lineage of anonymised and shared data


“After a rigorous tender process, we chose to work with Privitar because of their commercial and industry experience, as well as their strong ethical values. [The new de-identification process] is not only more efficient; enabling us to safely produce useful data for research and analysis, but it’s also transparent, so we can improve tracking and auditing of how data is used across the system”

Tom Denwood
Executive Director of Data, Insights and Statistics, NHS Digital

"Our investment in Privitar demonstrates our commitment to help clients make fast, data- informed, decisions through smarter use of machine learning and cloud compute whilst ensuring the security and privacy of the data."

Stuart Riley
Global Head, Operations and Technology, Markets and Securities Services, Citi

"The power of a secure and controlled data solution, as provided by Privitar, enables Clearscore to create new products and integrate with customers, helping users improve their financial well-being."

Klaus Thorup
CTO, Clearscore

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