Ieso Digital Health, the service which provides online CBT on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS), has signed a 3-year deal with Privitar, which will provide its leading software products for the de-identification of patient data.

De-identification is a process that helps to prevent a person’s identity from being connected with their personal information, and the Privitar solution will enable Ieso to manage the complex data privacy needs in both the US and the UK healthcare markets.

[New York, United States of America, Tuesday 30th January 2019]

Ieso is the creator of a leading digital mental health delivery platform, offering cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in real time via written conversation online in a secure virtual room. Ieso collects data from sessions and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to continue training its therapists in best practices. It operates across the NHS and within a growing number of healthcare providers and payers in the US.

Privitar’s product facilitates a consistent, secure, and highly managed approach to patient data de-identification and enables Ieso’s innovation efforts while adhering to GDPR and HIPAA compliance requirements. Implementing de-identification technology enables Ieso’s data scientists to continue to leverage its unique data set to drive innovation, improve the delivery of treatments, and ultimately increase the recovery rates of patients.

Craig Gravina, CTO of Ieso, commented: “Ieso’s mental health service is underpinned by data science and clinical research utilizing artificial intelligence technologies to help us achieve our excellent clinical outcomes. Privitar enables us to continue to unlock the value in our unique data set while maintaining the protection of the identity of our patients and their personal health data as we scale.”

Gravina added: “The fact that Privitar has been selected and implemented by the NHS in the UK, and within common customers in the US, was not only validation of their solution, but also enables future innovation that leverages disparate data sets that might not otherwise have been available. We’re extremely excited about our partnership with Privitar and close collaboration around future innovation moving forward.”

Jason du Preez, CEO of Privitar, commented: “Some of the most exciting possibilities for the future of healthcare can be realized through data science, but this must be done with the utmost respect for patient privacy. We look forward to this collaboration with Ieso on the effective application of privacy enhancing technologies as part of their leading CBT platform.”

Privitar is leading the development of innovative, ethical data use with an uncompromising approach to data privacy in the healthcare sector. It has secured high profile customers, including NHS Digital and Sensyne Health. Privitar software defends against the threat of advanced privacy attacks and protects data using the latest privacy techniques, allowing healthcare companies such as Ieso to analyze patient data to improve care while remaining compliant with privacy regulations.

Privitar licenses software products that employ leading privacy enhancing techniques. It does not handle or process any personal data as part of its client work. Nevertheless, it helps customers such as Ieso to ensure that their platforms comply with regulatory standards, including GDPR in Europe and HIPAA in the US. Ieso is highly committed to adhering to these regulatory standards, and Privitar will work closely with them to support them in the area.


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Clementine Boyer Duroselle on the Privitar press team: +44 7990043982

Tom Knock at FieldHouse Associates on the Ieso press team: +44 (0) 7974 331 850

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Privitar provides data-privacy software to companies and public sector organisations around the world to protect sensitive data and enable ethical data analysis. Privitar’s software accelerates and automates the provision of privacy-preserving data, helping customers extract more business value from their data, generate data-driven insights, and drive innovation.
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About Ieso Digital Health

Ieso Digital Health is a world pioneer in the provision of digitally-enabled, mental healthcare in the UK and US and use cutting-edge technology and data science to make best-in-class treatment available to those who need it. Their award-winning platform supports an intelligent, outcomes-driven therapist allocation and scheduling system, whereby patients are assigned to the therapists most likely to deliver a meaningful clinical outcome.