Consulting firm Great Data Minds and its affiliated company GDM Innovation Labs have partnered with Privitar, the leader in modern data provisioning, to advance the safe, ethical use of data. Through the partnership, Great Data Minds and Privitar will join forces to help educate organizations worldwide about the power and impact of using data responsibly, taking a modern approach to data provisioning, and embracing privacy as part of the process.

Great Data Minds is committed to mentoring and guiding organizations to increase the impact and value of their analytics programs. We partner with best-in-class organizations to help in that process,” said Mike Lampa, Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Great Data Minds. “By adding Privitar to our stable of top-tier partners, we’re doubling down on our efforts to advocate for the safe and ethical use of data and making it easier for clients to access the technology that makes that possible.”

Great Data Minds educates, inspires, and connects data and analytics professionals across the globe, providing opportunities for collaboration and advocating for best practices and best technology use. Through events, content, and other community-building opportunities Great Data Minds helps organizations innovate, modernize, and transform their data and analytics operations.

Privitar’s modern data provisioning solutions enable organizations to have genuine self-service access to data by streamlining sophisticated data protections within their data operations and automating workflows that enable key stakeholders to work together effectively. 

“Privitar’s modern data provisioning approach empowers companies to get the greatest possible value from sensitive data, without compromising on compliance or customer trust,” said Ted Roberts, Channel Partner and Alliance Manager at Privitar. “We’re delighted to join forces with Great Data Minds to broaden our reach and help show the world how modern data provisioning can give organizations the agility they need to innovate safely and at scale,  while maximizing the value of their data.”

To support the launch of the partnership, Great Data Minds and Privitar will co-host a special event on July 12, 2022. This event is the next in the Great Data Minds premium “Technology Deep Dive” series. It will focus on modern data provisioning and how it can help streamline an organization’s responsible use of data while maximizing its utility. There will also be a demonstration of the Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform, along with a deep dive on:

  • What it takes to provide safe and meaningful data without friction or delay
  • What it takes to provide protected data that retains all its analytical value
  • Why everything you know about context will help match data protection to your business use and compliance goals

To learn more or register for the event, visit:

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