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De-identify sensitive data in Confluent to create safe, usable datasets

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Protect Sensitive Data Processed in Kafka

With the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ organizations can protect sensitive data as it is processed by the Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka. Companies utilizing real-time feeds and integrated datasets can now fuel their predictive analytics engine without compromising privacy or time-to-data. Managing the privacy risks from sensitive data can counteract the time-saving benefits that Kafka provides. Privitar overcomes these challenges by applying sophisticated privacy techniques and policies to data before it reaches its destination.

Privitar Kafka Connector

Privitar Kafka Connector customers protect their data as it flows through existing pipelines in real-time, without introducing any unnecessary additional ETL or third-party tools. They unlock the value of their data without increasing costs, overhead or latency.

Privitar Connector & Protected Data Domains (PDD)

The Privitar Kafka Connector publishes data to real, self-contained, context sensitive datasets known as Protected Data Domains. Protected Data Domains enable separate teams to work on data pipelines while applying Privacy Policies for each Kafka Topic. These safe datasets are watermarked for traceability and put you in control of linkability – retaining referential integrity where you want it and managing linkability between Domains where you do not.

Verified Gold

You can be confident in the Privitar Kafka Connector. Being Verified Gold means it underwent rigorous testing and validation with the Confluent Platform to ensure that it delivers the capabilities, scalability and throughput you expect. Learn more about Verified Gold status from Confluent.

Privitar & Kafka – Adding Privacy without Overhead

Maximize the value of your data while protecting customer privacy by de-identifying data as it flows through your streaming or event-based architecture. With Privitar, you can read data from a Kafka Topic, apply a Privacy Policy in-process and write the resulting Safe Data records to a destination Kafka Topic.

Benefits of Privacy-Protected Kafka Data Pipelines

Faster insights and data-driven innovation:
  • De-identify sensitive personal data so it can be made available to more users
  • Apply any combination of de-identification techniques from Privitar’s comprehensive set
  • Retain data resolution where analyses require and preserve useful patterns in data while retaining structure, format and relationships
  • Safely combine and enrich data to increase insights
  • Execute Privacy Policies on a variety of data architectures and processing patterns, such as cloud, data lakes, hybrid architectures, streaming and batch processing
Simplify compliance and overcome trust barriers:
  • Centrally manage and consistently apply Privacy Policies using an intuitive web interface, with no need for custom scripting or coding
  • Control linkability of data releases by organizing them in Protected Data Domains
  • Insert a digital watermark to track the distribution of sensitive datasets
  • Limit exposure and reputational damage in the event of a breach
  • Build trust with customers by enforcing clear and consistent privacy policies

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