Collibra & Privitar

Reduce the time to reach insights from sensitive data enterprise-wide


Reach Insights Faster and Achieve Greater Value from Your Sensitive Data

Today’s market leaders improve the quality of business decisions by reaching valuable insights faster from broader sets of data. These organizations enable ease of access for users to unlock the value of data and turn it into a strategic asset by realizing:
  • Consistent and trusted data catalogs
  • Democratized access to data
  • Streamlined data provisioning
  • Consistent privacy protection
The integration of Collibra and Privitar enables the exchange of metadata that powers streamlined and policy-driven data intelligence and de-identification, as well as fast, efficient data protection and provisioning at scale.

Best-of-Breed Integration from Catalog through Provisioning

By integrating Collibra and Privitar, you can efficiently connect data users with accurate, consistent, high-resolution, de-identified datasets. Finally, data users can reach valuable insights at the speed they expect and you demand. This powerful combination enables organizations to leverage sensitive data effectively in decision making while respecting and maintaining customer privacy. Collibra’s enterprise-wide, governed data catalog and data intelligence capabilities together with Privitar’s comprehensive de-identification and policy management enables data-driven enterprises to accelerate access to safe, usable data.

Streamline Provisioning to Create the Fastest Path to Safe Data

The combination of Collibra and Privitar provides a powerful and scalable approach that enables fast, efficient, consistent and safe data provisioning across the entire enterprise. Privitar leverages Collibra’s rich information about available data to streamline data provisioning, simplifying the processes of selecting or assembling appropriate Privacy Policies and generating de-identified data for requests including sensitive data.

Optimize Compliance and Control Data Lineage

The exchange of metadata between Collibra and Privitar supports regulatory compliance by enriching the information available for auditing and tracking, and establishing data lineage by capturing the link between raw input data and the derived de-identified datasets. Users can maintain Collibra as the up-to-date Single Source of Truth with information about the data protections applied to create each purpose-limited dataset.


Solution Benefits at a Glance

With Collibra and Privitar, organizations streamline data provisioning and accelerate insights for a broader range of users and use cases from even the most sensitive datasets.

  • Curate data across your organization and make more data safely available to a wider range of approved users
  • Empower data users to quickly find data, searching and requesting data for their projects without having to code or script
  • Track data requests and provisioned data
  • Understand what data to protect, applying consistent privacy protections
  • Optimize utility while reducing risk with sophisticated de-identification techniques and advanced linkage control
  • Centrally manage Privacy Policies to govern data privacy effectively across the enterprise
  • Accelerate provisioning of safe datasets by eliminating slow, manual processes
  • Benefit from performance and reliability at scale

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