Cloudera & Privitar

Confidently Manage Sensitive Data in Distributed Hadoop Systems

With Privitar, organizations can enable analytics, machine learning and related services to quickly and safely uncover insights from even the most sensitive datasets. Privitar protects sensitive data and streamlines data provisioning in on-premise, hybrid and cloud Hadoop environments, enabling exploration and analysis of data in an array of use cases powered by Cloudera. Customers invest in Cloudera for cost effective, high performance data storage and processing, but privacy risks curtail moving sensitive data to Cloudera environments and reduce usage and ROI from big data and analytics initiatives. With Privitar you can optimize the utility of your sensitive data while taking advantage of Cloudera’s powerful analytics platform.

Gain Maximum Value from Sensitive Data

Accelerating growth and improving experiences and outcomes requires harnessing the power of data to achieve personalized insights. The combination of Privitar and Cloudera enables even the most sensitive datasets to be used to:

  • Fuel growth and innovation through scalable, performant, cost-effective access to data
  • Successfully navigate privacy risk and compliance concerns with a comprehensive set of data privacy capabilities
  • Address a range of analytics use cases on the most widely adopted platform with Safe Data that retains optimal utility
  • Leverage Cloudera’s powerful and scalable processing capabilities to de-identify big data

Explore Insights Confidently with a Cloudera Certified Technology Partner

As a Cloudera Certified Technology on Cloudera CDH 6, Privitar enables organizations to begin realizing the full value of their sensitive data and leveraging the powerful analytical capabilities of the Cloudera platform.

Manage Policy and Execution at Enterprise Scale

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™:
  • Delivers an efficient and robust de-identification service
  • Leverages Cloudera’s native processing capabilities to scale elastically with demand, size and performance requirements when deployed on CDH clusters
  • Integrates natively with CDH Hadoop capabilities such as Spark, HDFS and HBase
  • Integrates with custom applications and data sources in CDH
  • Supports Data Flow (such as NiFi and Kafka) and On Demand de-identification to enable consistent privacy protection across these technologies

Your Challenge

  • Poor data utility, quality or completeness
  • Slow access to data

Manage, Track and Audit Safe Data

With Privitar you can:
  • Control toxic data linkages
  • Enable teams to combine datasets from multiple sources and gain powerful new insights
  • Reduce the risk of identifying individual data subjects
  • Provide purpose-limited, traceable datasets that can be stored and analyzed on CDH
  • Leverage enterprise security capabilities available on CDH, including Kerberos, Sentry and KMS

Your Challenge

  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations
  • Using sensitive data safely

Privacy-Driven Benefits for Distributed Hadoop

Unlock Hidden Insights

Provide safe access to useful patterns in data – retaining structure, format and relationships – and combining data assets to increase business value.

Accelerate Time to Data

Natively integrate the Privitar Platform into your data pipeline to automate consistent, systematic application of your Privacy Policies.

Simplify Compliance

Centrally define, manage and apply Privacy Policies from an intuitive browser UI without any custom scripting or coding.

Increase Customer Trust

Build trust with customers and limit exposure and reputational damage from data misuse and leakage by enforcing clear and consistent Privacy Policies.


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