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Move your sensitive data to the cloud with confidence

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Leveraging Sensitive Data in the Cloud Can Be Straightforward

Businesses using AWS must be able to successfully navigate privacy risk, corporate policies and government regulations regarding data privacy and sovereignty. Privitar addresses the risks of moving, storing and accessing sensitive data in the cloud, eliminating obstacles and accelerating adoption. With the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™, you can safely and efficiently maximize value from your sensitive data without compromise.

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

Using Privitar, you can automate systematic data provisioning and enable cloud-based analytics, machine learning, data science and other services to quickly and safely discover insights from even the most sensitive datasets.
Combine Privitar and AWS to improve products and services:
  • Running multiple analytics use cases on the most effective platform
  • Leveraging de-identified data that retains maximum utility
Apply privacy protections to data consistently at scale:
  • Safely and efficiently leverage greater volumes of data in analytics
  • Discover hidden insights that improve performance

Confidence from Working with an APN Advanced Technology Partner

Privitar is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved AWS Data and Analytics Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices and staff with AWS certifications.
Privitar Policy Manager Flow

Maximize the Value of Your Data

Privitar Powers Data Lakes
Privitar enables the use of sensitive data in de-identified data lakes with centralized control of Privacy Policies. The powerful combination of the Privitar Policy Manager and Protected Data Domains™ enable you to drive the controlled, consistent and repeatable creation of privacy-protected datasets at enterprise scale. Data transformed by Privitar can be utilized in the wide range of scenarios powered by AWS Data and Analytics services that run on a data lake.
With Privitar you can:
  • Deliver automated data approval and provisioning to provide data access at the speed of business
  • Apply privacy policies consistently across all environments, drawing on a full range of data privacy techniques
  • Manage the data privacy lifecycle from data ingest (including third parties) to usage and distribution
Your Challenge
  • Low data utility, quality or completeness
  • Slow, inefficient or prohibited access to data

Uncompromising Data Privacy

Privitar Powers Compliance
Customers using the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ can comply with data privacy regulations in multiple jurisdictions and meet their Shared Responsibility obligations. Privacy risk and compliance no longer stand in the way of moving ever growing volumes of data to the cloud and confidently adopting new services.
With Privitar you can:
  • Apply Privacy Policies and rules consistently across all environments
  • Create dedicated data releases – called Protected Data Domains – to provide context-specific, controlled risk access to data
  • Trace datasets throughout their lifecycle, deter insider threats and accelerate forensic investigations with Privitar Watermarks™
Your Challenge
  • Manage compliance with data privacy regulations across your organization

Enabling Privacy Protected Data Insight on AWS

Privitar is working with a leading credit score business to help them safely leverage consumer data to create new products and deliver maximum value to their customers.
To justify and maintain the high level of trust of its customers, credit score businesses need a way to gain new insights through analysing and sharing consumer data, while ensuring individual consumers’ privacy was protected. Privitar’s Data Privacy Platform provides unique and market-leading capabilities to apply privacy protections directly to datasets, reducing unnecessary privacy risk by applying data minimisation techniques. The ability to create, manage and apply centralised privacy policies gives credit score businesses confidence that they can empower any user to handle consumer data safely. Reusable, fine-grained privacy policies that can be applied to data shared with partners significantly reduces the risk customers’ data would ever be exposed. Privitar is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, and its Data Privacy Platform solution can be deployed within AWS environments, using Amazon EC2 to run Privitar’s Data Privacy Platform while enabling elastic scaling, Amazon RDS to store policy configurations and DynamoDB as the token vault.

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