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The Fastest, Safest Route to Insights in the Cloud

Organizations use AWS for data architectures that give them faster time to value from their analytics, AI and machine learning tools, unfortunately privacy risks, regulatory compliance and corporate policies can disrupt these efforts.

Privitar provides the fastest, safest route to insights from sensitive data in the cloud. The Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ delivers rapid access to the broadest possible range of low-risk, high-utility data for analytics, precisely where legacy approaches to data protection have failed.

Accelerate to Insights with Cloud Native Privacy

Bring privacy online quickly and accelerate data projects with a highly-available, end-to-end deployment of the Privitar Platform on AWS. Privitar worked with AWS to define and validate a solution leveraging best in class AWS native patterns.

Automated deployment, schema integration and serverless execution makes Privitar the fastest route to data. Privitar customers benefit from improved Time To Value, and a seamless experience for data management, analytics and privacy in AWS.

Automated Deployment

Privitar delivers everything required to protect data in AWS, deployed in a matter of clicks with AWS CloudFormation.

This enables end-to-end deployment of a fully working, production-ready privacy platform without any manual effort.

Schema Integration

Set Privitar running by importing schemas directly from the AWS Glue Data Catalog.

Bring privacy online quickly without the need to manually create schemas for your data located in AWS.

Serverless Policy Execution

Point Privitar to a dataset on S3, define the Privacy Policy and click “Run”. We’ll take care of the rest.

Apply policies without the need to install, configure, monitor, patch, upgrade and maintain long-running infrastructure.

Maximize the Value of Your Data

Do you struggle with low data utility, or slow, inefficient or prohibited access to data?

Privitar enables the use of sensitive data in analytics without compromising utility or privacy. The powerful combination of Privitar’s Centralized Policy Management and Utility Optimized Datasets enable you to drive the controlled, consistent and repeatable provision of protected data at enterprise scale. Data transformed by Privitar can be utilized in the wide range of use cases enabled by AWS data and analytics services running on the data lake.


With Privitar you can:
  • Apply privacy protections to data at massive scale
  • Automate data provisioning processes to provide data access at the speed of business
  • Manage the data privacy lifecycle from ingest through to distribution and use
  • Enhance the value of your investment in analytics services by allowing broad consumption across your business

Uncompromising Data Privacy

Do you struggle to manage data privacy regulatory compliance across your organization?

Customers with the Privitar Platform are empowered to comply with data privacy regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Privacy risk and compliance no longer stand in the way of utilizing ever-growing volumes of data, or confidently adopting new services in the cloud.


With Privitar you can:
  • Apply Privacy Policies consistently across all environments, drawing on the full range of Privacy Techniques in any combination
  • Manage risk and maximize utility with Utility Optimized Datasets tuned for each context
  • Track and trace datasets throughout their lifecycle, deter insider threats and accelerate forensic investigations with Privitar Watermarks™ and Intrinsic Data.DNA

Confidence with an APN Advanced Technology Partner

Privitar is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved the AWS Data and Analytics Competency and the AWS Security Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices and staff with AWS certifications.

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How NHS Digital Unlock the Power of Sensitive Data

Download our case study to find out how Privitar supported a tenfold increase in the data NHS Digital leverages on AWS, enabling it to improve healthcare, expand its services, and protect patient privacy with our data privacy management and de-identification solutions.

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Cloud Data Privacy 101

As organizations continue to build out data pipelines and infrastructure in AWS, they need to keep their data safe while maintaining its analytical utility. Solving their privacy concerns is critical to enabling analytics and data-driven business. This white paper outlines the five main ways organizations can keep their sensitive data safe and usable for analytics in the cloud

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