The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform builds policy-based data protections and collaborative workflows into data operations to enable efficient, effective, and responsible use.

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Why it matters

As sources of data multiply and the use of reporting, analytics, machine learning, and AI all grow, data provisioning processes have become complex and inefficient, if they exist at all. Companies struggle to balance evolving data privacy regulations with the demands of data consumers who need access to data quickly.

Modern Data Provisioning

Privitar’s approach combines people, processes, and technology to enable efficient, effective and responsible data use efficiently and effectively. High-utility data reaches those who need it, when they need it, while managing risks and demonstrating compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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What is Modern Data Provisioning

Read our briefing to learn why data protections and workflows built into data operations accelerate access to data.

The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform

Read our product brief to learn how the MDP Platform enables self-service access and responsible data use.

Customer Reactions to Privitar’s Plans

Collaborate to use data responsibly

The MDP platform brings key stakeholders together to manage the complexity, friction, and risk that proliferate as technology and regulations change.

Data owners

package, curate, and register data easily.

Data guardians

effortlessly define, enforce, and maintain policies.

Data consumers

explore, preview, and access data without friction or delay.

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Only Privitar has the right combination of technology, domain expertise, and best practices to support data-driven innovation while navigating regulations and protecting customer trust.