Managing the Lifecycle
of Sensitive Data

Powerful & Scalable Data Privacy

There was a time when data collected about individuals was limited, was spread across multiple systems and was difficult to connect. Regulations were limited or non-existent. Data privacy protections were rudimentary.

Not anymore...

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform

  • Supports the diverse combinations of data, purpose and use
  • Applies consistent, auditable privacy policies
  • Streamlines and automates data provisioning
  • Scales to enterprise data volumes
  • Preserves compatibility with applications and tools
  • Manages regulatory, reputational and financial risk


Now you can safely use data

  • To gain valuable insights that support data driven decisions
  • To identify market opportunities
  • To accelerate time to market
  • To acquire and retain customers
  • To improve customer experience
  • To grow revenues, reduce costs and increase profitability



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