Turing Institute Welcomes John Taysom to Financial Data Summit

By Privitar - October 27, 2015

This week, Privitar Co-founder, John Taysom, will be speaking at the Turing Institute’s Financial Data Summit, hosted by UCL at the British Library. The UK is going to be a world leader in data science. That is the goal of the new Turing Institute, set up in March 2014 by Chancellor George Osborne and partnered by six of the UK’s leading scientific institutions. Now making the British Library its home, the Institute will explore how predictions and insights can be extracted from the huge amounts of diverse data in our modern world. It is important that the UK takes a lead in these vital issues from both commercial and public policy perspectives. Big data insights could have implications in almost any field, but we have to learn to ask the right questions of the data. To do this, the Institute has bought together a range of experts. By combining the theoretical expertise of some of the world’s foremost data experts with the real world issues which business and government faces, the Institute hopes to tackle some of the defining issues of our generation. The role that data can play in finance is clear with financial institutions collecting and analysing more complex data sources than ever before. The industry faces a number of mounting challenges. Public and legislator trust in banks is at a well documented low, forcing increased scrutiny on banks and other major institutions. The threat of data breaches, either accidental or malicious, are also on the rise as companies have to adjust quickly to employees technology habits and an ever more sophisticated industry in global cyber crime. These factors, coupled with a tightening regulatory environment, mean that financial institutions have to think very carefully about procedures around data use. As a cyber security expert and fellow in data privacy at Harvard University, John will discuss how big data can drive innovation and provide better services for consumers but only if companies adopt an uncompromising approach to protecting personal or sensitive information. If you can’t watch these issues unfold at the British Library in person, follow @privitarglobal