[Video] What is Privacy Engineering? Interview with Jason du Preez, CEO at Privitar

By Privitar - February 08, 2018

Watch this short interview with Jason du Preez, CEO and co-founder of Privitar, in which he talks about privacy engineering, and and the economic value it can bring to organisations.


"I am Jason du Preez, CEO and co-founder at Privitar. We are a London based software company leading the global adoption of privacy engineering software.

I think it's important to understand how the public's perception of data privacy has changed very significantly over the past five years. The average citizen has become aware of this power imbalance that exists between organisations that have data and data subjects; and as a result, when we evaluate products and services, as we engage with companies and organisations, they way they manage, secure and protect our data, it's actually something that comes to the top of mind when making those decisions.

To take advantage of this opportunity, organisations really need to know their data, to put transparency over how that data is processed, and because the sheer of volume and complexity of the information, we need to be able to leverage technology controls. And if we are extracting value from data, an important insight is that, we can now disambiguate the economic value in data and harmful identifiying factors in the information. This is where privacy engineering can play such as vital part in the process.

Using privacy engineering, a set of technology controls, we can allow organisations to extract value, safely, and without identifying individuals in the data"