Privacy and the Internet of Things

By Privitar - July 30, 2015

Privitar Co-Founder and Investor, John Taysom, recently spoke to the Guardian Small Business Network about the growing issue of data privacy on new devices known to be part of the “Internet of Things”.

With Gartner estimating that there will be over 25 billion connected gadgets in the world by the end of 2020, the trend for internet connected devices looks set to be a big part of the big data debate with each device generating personal data about individuals and their surroundings.

Taysom argues the need for “disassociation” between the identity of a person and their data collected across the variety of connected devices we all use today, so as not to compromise an individual’s private details: “There’s obviously a lot of concern about privacy but I think we’re in one of those situations like smoking or sugary foods. The gain to getting all that data is very instant but the problems seem a long way off, and so you end up not being firm enough with guidelines until further down the line and governments have to step in to set rules. You shouldn’t forget that ultimately the machines taking the readings and transmitting them are owned by companies which want to use that information. Although we’re talking about sensors, we’re really talking about the people and companies that own them.

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