Customer trust is slow to gain; quick to lose: Why banks need to protect their most valuable asset and privacy engineering has a role to play

By Privitar - March 2, 2017

Banks are being challenged on multiple fronts. Low interest rates and increasing regulatory burdens are impacting profit. Challenger banks, with more agile business models, unfettered by legacy systems and past brand issues are offering new innovative products. Whilst fintechs, targeting specific profitable services such as payments or international transfers are disintermediating banks’ traditional sources of additional revenue.

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Privitar one of 'Top 10 fintech firms to watch'

By Privitar - February 20, 2017

Financial News highlights start-ups on course to revolutionise parts of the banking business. They spoke to dozens of venture capitalists, fintech leaders, bankers, lawyers and other advisers, asking which firms had caught their attention. Privitar are delighted to be named on the list of those companies, that are changing financial services.

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Think your ‘anonymised’ data is secure? Think again.

By Privitar - February 15, 2017

As more personal information is collected about individuals, the threat to privacy becomes ever greater. New technology brings with it more sophisticated methods for obtaining sensitive information by malicious means.

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On Data Privacy Day, we ask Privitar co-founder John Taysom, “how much privacy do we need?”

By Privitar - January 28, 2017

“You don’t need privacy if you have nothing to hide’ is the Orwellian extreme of the argument which says that in an age of data saturation, privacy is a somewhat anachronistic concept. The concern only of the somewhat shady.

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An Introduction to Differential Privacy

By Charlie Cabot - January 24, 2017

Differential privacy leapt from research papers to tech news headlines last year when, in the WWDC keynote, Apple VP of Engineering Craig Federighi announced Apple’s use of the concept to protect user privacy in iOS.

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Privitar strengthens sales and marketing team in response to growing demand

By Jason du Preez - December 15, 2016

Privitar, the leading privacy engineering software business, today announced a number of strategic executive appointments to bolster the firm’s sales and marketing team, in response to growing demand across financial services and telecommunications.

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Privitar selected for PwC and Swiftscale Future of Work programme for enterprise scaleups

By Privitar - November 11, 2016
Privitar are delighted to be named as one of 12 scaleups for the PwC and Swiftscale Future of Work programme. The programme is  a unique initiative to identify and nurture fast-growth enterprise start-ups with the potential to transform the workplace through scalable innovation. Find out more here
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Privitar welcomes Elizabeth Denham and her approach

By Privitar - November 4, 2016

In Elizabeth Denham’s first speech as Information Commissioner she emphasised that “It’s not privacy or innovation – it’s privacy and innovation.” We wholeheartedly agree.

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The Chief Data Officer is perfectly positioned to drive innovation. Or maybe not?

By Privitar - October 26, 2016

Combining the ability to protect data privacy whilst enabling innovation is recognised to be a priority initiative, but continues to be challenging - and what is the role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) in all of this?

Jason du Preez - CEO at Privitar shares some of his views on this important subject.

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Privitar and Cloudera to host joint webinar

By Privitar - October 19, 2016

Privitar and Cloudera to host a joint webinar to explore how new pseudonymisation and anonymisation technologies enable innovation through wider access to data and why they will help businesses to be better prepared for GDPR compliance. The webinar is taking place on Thursday 26th October at 15.00, to find out more or register click here:

Download the webinar here

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