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The most valuable datasets to your customers and partners are often the most sensitive, and therefore the hardest to safely bring to market.

Privitar Lens provides a straightforward way to create commercial data products that safely monetise sensitive data. Your customers or partners can access insights from your most valuable datasets without accessing raw data.

Privitar Lens sits between data providers and applications, providing a privacy-preserving API to statistical insights that can power a range of data products such as interactive visualisations, dashboards or reports.

Lens provides gold standard differential privacy protections for individuals, even on high-dimensional datasets such as location or transaction records.


Privitar Lens Architecture


Automatically assess data privacy risk


Privitar Lens’s built-in risk assessment engine identifies the best level of anonymisation to ensure privacy is preserved while maintaining data utility.

Lens provides an intuitive set of tools for data owners to manage and understand the use of differential privacy, including assisting data owners in determining appropriate differential privacy parameters.

This allows access to insights on sensitive data in a way previously not possible because of privacy risks.

Lens UI screenshot
Data product

Build data-driven applications and dashboards

Privitar Lens creates privacy-preserving APIs used to drive a variety of commercial offerings in reports, dashboards and interactive applications.

Lens lets your customers drill down for more detail in multiple dimensions, for example based on demographic or behavioural information, while simultaneously preserving privacy.

Lens insight enhance the customer experience of existing products, or drive the development of new, data-driven offerings.


Increase speed to insight

With Privitar Lens, privacy and utility checks are performed automatically. The approval process is accelerated, and insights are made available more quickly. Importantly, data owners also see the effect of privacy protections on statistical utility.

Historically, privacy protection required repeated, costly privacy checks. With Lens’s automated privacy engine, data owners can make revisions quickly, avoiding repetitive manual checks.

These protections give data-driven businesses the power to publish more data, make it available to more consumers, and use it to generate more revenue.

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Maintain the trust of customers and data consumers

Consumers increasingly expect their personal data be treated with the utmost care and respect, while also demanding innovative new services.

Simply aggregating data does not guarantee that the private information of individuals is protected. It is for this reason that the 2020 US Census will use differential privacy techniques in its data releases.

Using Lens demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of data privacy, which helps build vital trust.

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